SAP Business One for Wholesale & Distribution

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Wholesale distributors face a variety of market pressures ranging from consolidation and compliance with regulations, to the need to provide innovative services and improve customer retention. To simultaneously manage these issues, gain competitive advantage, and increase operational excellence, a company needs to reduce the cost of goods, increase revenue, and decrease operating expenses.SAPB1_Wholesale__Distribution

Managing Stock
One of the main challenges of achieving this is managing inventory and stock. As the link between suppliers and customers, businesses need to have accurate records of what is in stock so that they can determine what they need to order and evaluate which products are most popular. Making sure stock levels are at a premium will provide the ability to respond to customer orders quicker and more efficiently.

The problem many businesses may encounter is that the incumbent system is not fully integrated and requires a great deal of re-keying of information. This typically leads to the business as a whole not having a real-time view of how it’s performing across the entire organisation, thus holding the business back from growing.

Material Requirement Planning
In addition, managing production is something that should also be considered, depending on the business, and companies may need to re-package items – for example, they may have stock in bulk storage but need to package it into pallets, boxes, bags etc. However, most legacy systems won’t have an MRP (Material Requirement Planning) function to anticipate product supply and demand to help streamline processes.

360 Degree Business Overview
SAP Business One for Wholesale & Distribution is a tailored solution that provides a fully integrated business intelligence environment that can manage the entire workflow including accounts, customer relationship management, inventory management, order status and supplier schedules.

It provides a complete overview of the entire business, which enables businesses to become more responsive, gain better insight, reduce overheads and provide the information to be more competitive.

Some of the benefits of implementing SAP Business One for Wholesale & Distribution include:

  • Cut operating costs, boost revenue, and accelerate order-to-cash – with clear visibility into inventory, order status, supplier schedules, and customer demands.
  • Streamline order-to-cash with automated supply and distribution chains.
  • Improve profit margins with efficient quoting and insight into true costs.
  • Boost customer satisfaction with faster and more accurate order processing.
  • Customise the software to suit the business’ requirements and processes.
  • Free up staff from re-keying information into spreadsheets.
  • Simple MRP module to help schedule and manage items that are to be produced or purchased.

The product is extremely easy to use and can be tailored to completely fit an organisation’s size and needs. Additional plug-ins are available to enhance the solution and there is also a cut-rate Start & Go edition, aimed at businesses consisting of one to three people, which can be upgraded at any point as the business grows.

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