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Is it for me?

PlateSpin Recon is a workload profiling, analysis and planning solution that provides intelligence, visual analysis and forecasting for virtualisation initiatives.

What does it do?

PlateSpin is designed with flexibility in mind. It collects inventory and performance data remotely, with no need to touch datacentre servers. It carries out sophisticated analysis of resources, workloads and utilisation trends. It’s easily exportable to a number of formats including HTML, PDF, Word, CSV, Excel or images for flexible report creation. And it can predict future workloads and resource utilisation based on historical trends to better plan for server consolidation and infrastructure growth, and enable more proactive systems management.

Key features of PlateSpin are:

  • Remote data collection
  • Rich data modelling
  • Custom report creation and delivery
  • Flexible data capture and export
  • Planning
  • Power and cooling analysis
  • VM growth reporting
  • Multiple datacentre support
  • Workload analysis
  • Workload and utilisation forecasting

How will it help my business?

PlateSpin can provide analysis and planning for server consolidation (Virtualisation), consolidated recovery, green computing, datacentre optimisation, capacity profiling and planning, asset management, IT chargeback and virtual infrastructure management.

It provides excellent value for business use, and collects inventory and utilisation data across thousands of servers, determines the optimal fit between server resources and workloads, analyses power and cooling costs for green computing initiatives, accelerates datacentre projects by generating executable plans and manages virtual infrastructure growth on an ongoing basis. 

Why Codestone? 

We use PlateSpin Recon during the analysis phase of every virtualisation project we work on. This is the foundation block of any server consolidation, server optimisation or server management initiative.  

Codestone is a PlateSpin Preferred Partner, and we’ve been relying on its outputs to deliver the majority of our Server and Desktop Virtualisation projects.

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