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SystemSure 24/7/365

Is it for me?

SystemSure is a comprehensive Support and Managed Service product for IT systems and their users, designed to make sure your IT systems are fault free, used effectively and optimised for business performance. Codestone can act as a virtual on-site IT manager with full visibility and control, and provide your company with as much IT support as you need.

What’s involved?

SystemSure service components:

  • Fault resolution
  • Device and application monitoring
  • Operational assistance
  • Change requests
  • Performance and utilization reporting
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Warranty services

SystemSure incident management:

  • Staffed by competent and accredited support technicians
  • Helpdesk available during normal and extended working hours
  • Tailored service level agreements (SLA’s)
  • SLA driven support system including end user web portal and automatic escalation
  • Remote and On-Site service

SystemSure communication:

  • Telephone
  • Web portal
  • Email
  • Fax
  • Monitoring alerts

Unique to Codestone, the SystemSure web portal is a one stop, 128-bit SSL secured site where administrators and users can:

  • Report new incidents
  • View, progress, edit and update open incidents
  • Upload screenshots, log files and other useful content to assist diagnosis
  • Close incidents
  • Request remote access assistance
  • View network, device and application health status through a monitoring dashboard

SystemSure Options

SystemSure Standard

Our entry-level product provides cost effective and accountable on-demand support for break/fix incidents, aimed at the more budget-conscious customer.

SystemSure Plus

Our premium Support and Managed Services product includes all the benefits of the standard product plus 24/7 proactive monitoring and reporting to mitigate the risk of business interruption. 

SystemSure Total

Our SystemSure Total product provides total peace of mind for organisations that demand maximum efficiency and continuity from their IT systems. This service includes a comprehensive set of on demand, pro active and scheduled maintenance components coupled with the highest SLAs available.

How will it help my business?

Having made a considerable investment in your IT systems, we know that you need to maximise that investment by relying on them to underpin effective operations and business continuity.

We all know that systems do go wrong from time to time and that staff don’t always have the skills to recover from them without external assistance. Minor incidents can quickly escalate into major problems, leading to a loss in productivity, and in a worst-case scenario, total business disruption. The consequences of these effects include erosion of the value of the original investment - but more seriously, revenues, profitability, customer retention and staff morale can also be affected. 

These consequences are all easily avoidable by being able to effectively manage IT system-related incidents that occur by using SystemSure. Help is always readily at hand, from people who want to understand the business impact of the situation, and who have the knowledge, experience and motivation to act quickly and effectively. SystemSure is consummately flexible, and we believe it to be unsurpassed in responding to IT needs within our marketplace.

Why Codestone?

SystemSure is proven to be a highly effective outsourced business function for our many customers. We are always available to work with our clients’ IT teams to resolve any application or infrastructure issues. Our levels of expertise and service are second-to-none, and allow you to concentrate on your internal operations, and running your business.