SAP Accounting System

In our experience there are two things that cause an organisation to change its financial software – scale and complexity.

Growth in turnover, transactions and even people means that you can no longer operate finance as a silo; it needs to be integrated into the end-to-end operation. The second driver is complexity; multiple business units, operating countries, currencies and tax requirements have taken you beyond the capabilities of your existing solution.

At Codestone we focus on helping our customers to make the step from financial accounting package to Enterprise Resource Planning with market leading SAP Accounting System.


We looked at a number of things when selecting an implementation partner: cost, capabilities, services and so on. But it was our shared values that made Codestone stand out for us.

Peter Scrimshaw
Project Director, Langmead Farms


SAP Business One not only provides you with a comprehensive SAP Accounting System, it enables you to place finance at the heart of your business. Information is captured at source, processes are linked and you gain full visibility of your complete operation.


SAP Accounting System provides a complete set of tools to enable you to manage your company’s accounts including journal entries, accounts receivable and accounts payable as well as accurately tracking cash flow, fixed assets and monitoring performance against budgets. SAP Accounting aligns to your needs with a user-defined chart of accounts that truly represents your business.


SAP Accounting simplifies your banking task by fully integrating these into your financial applications. You are able to quickly process reconciliations and process payments whether these be by payment card, cheque or electronic funds transfer. Through this tight integration, far greater accuracy can be achieved on cash-flow.


Whether you have international operations or source products from international locations, a SAP Accounting System has this covered. SAP fully supports multi-currencies and enables you to manage separate entities against the accounting and taxation rules of that country. SAP Accounting takes the complexity out of international business and simplifies the task of compliance.


As companies grow, accurate budgeting and management of these budgets is essential. SAP Accounting enables you to define your cost centres and then to create budgets for each of these cost centres including user defined cost allocation rules. These budgets can then be allocated on both a monthly and annual basis with real-time tracking of performance against budget.


A SAP Accounting System enables you to accelerate the month-end close process. Having all of your financial and operational data in a single place removes the challenge of compiling month-end data while the activity window in SAP Accounting enables you to assign tasks to individuals or create reminders to complete each aspect of your close process.


With SAP Accounting letting you manage your accounts in a way that represents your business operations, the reports provide you with the information that truly matters. What is more, a SAP Accounting System lets you manage financials in real time, meaning that you get the insight you need when you need it.


Our eBook on the capabilities of SAP Business One and the value that it can deliver for your business.

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A SAP Accounting System lets you put financial management at the heart of your company-wide business operations and strategy.


With information captured at source and held within one solution, you significantly improve both the consistency and accuracy of your financial data and financial reporting.


Through linking to every aspect of your business, you are no longer only controlling the big picture, but have insight and control over every element that contributes to the profitability of the company.


With data captured, processed and reported on in real-time, you are able to manage in the ‘now’ improving cash-flow management, stock management and control of budgets. We call this “Run Live”.

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