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Mid-Markets Embrace Microsoft’s Copilot AI Revolution Now

Microsoft Copilot is Now Accessible for All

Microsoft’s Copilot for Microsoft 365 is the AI revolution you’ve been waiting for, and it’s time to seize the opportunity.

Businesses no longer require a 300-seat minimum purchase to begin leveraging Copilot; you can now get started with just one user licence. And Microsoft has made this more accessible, now extending the prerequisite license to include Office 365 (E3 & E5) licenses as well as Microsoft 365 (E3 & E5) licenses.

Unlock productivity. We all want to focus on the 20% of our work that really matters, but 80% of our time is consumed with busywork that bogs us down. Copilot lightens the load. From summarising long email threads to quickly drafting suggested replies, Copilot in Outlook helps you clear your inbox in minutes, not hours. And every meeting is a productive meeting with Copilot in Teams. It can summarise key discussion points — including who said what and where people are aligned and where they disagree — and suggest action items, all in real time during a meeting.

But Copilot doesn’t just supercharge individual productivity. It creates a new knowledge model for your organisation — harnessing the massive reservoir of data and insights that lies largely inaccessible and untapped today.

Business Chat works across all your business data and apps to surface the information and insights you need from a sea of data — so knowledge flows freely across the organisation, saving you valuable time searching for answers. You will be able to access Business Chat from Microsoft, from Bing when you’re signed in with your work account, or from Teams.

Don’t miss out on Copilot’s potential.

Embrace a new era of productivity and innovation with Microsoft Copilot, your gateway to advanced generative AI. As you embark on this transformative journey, it’s crucial to navigate the considerations that come with integrating Copilot into your business processes.

Prepare your business with Codestone’s Copilot Readiness Workshop and get started with Copilot today!

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