SAP Business One brings efficiency, visibility and financial control to Waterside Holiday Group

The group operates multiple business units including bars, spas, as well as selling holidays, and needed to consolidate their financial data and gain visibility of operations.

Family on the beach enjoying Waterside Holidays.
Codestone took time to understand our needs and scope out a project plan for us. It was a success and as a result we’ve already set up four other companies.

Kyle Motte

Finance Manager, Waterside Holiday Group

The Client

Waterside Holiday Group

Waterside Holiday Group has three holiday resorts based in and around Weymouth. Recent investment into significant improvements has led to brand new facilities being created to all three luxury holiday parks. These have included the introduction of 12 new exclusive safari lodges that offer a glamping experience complete with hot tubs and wood burners, and new restaurant facilities at their Chesil and Waterside Parks.

Understandig the Problem

The Challenge

Waterside has been experiencing a period of change and growth over the past year. Considerable capital investment to its parks’ facilities, management re-structuring and a new website have all attributed to an increase in the performance of the business.

With all this growth the firm’s existing finance system was not able to keep pace of the developments. Its three parks were being treated as separate businesses with different data sets for each. The administration of the whole purchase order and invoice management was time consuming and proving a real challenge for effective supplier management. Waterside needed a technology platform that would streamline its processes and enable the firm to run its organisation more efficiently.

“Even though Waterside Holiday Group is one business, we operate a wide range of business units including food outlets, bars, spas, as well as selling holidays. Our biggest challenge was how to consolidate our financial data and gain visibility of our operations.”

A family holding hands in the sunset at a Waterside Holiday Group resort.

The Solution

Making it Work

Waterside selected SAP Business One from its shortlist of three solutions including Sage Cloud and Sun Systems, for its affordable capability to support the company’s growth. The firm engaged with Codestone, choosing the local SAP partner for its transparent approach to costs together with its expertise and knowledge of the familiar and proven SAP brand.

Now up and running and hosted in the cloud, SAP Business One is set to deliver a quick return on investment through implementing best practices and enabling 15 users to easily adopt the intuitive and user-friendly interface. KPI metrics have been built into the system for accounts payable, enabling Waterside to see how many invoices are being processed and how quickly.

Waterside will also gain efficiencies of stock management and economies of scale with the Enterpryze Purchase add-on enabling an additional 28 users to easily create, approve and submit new purchase orders and requests into SAP Business One. The phased rollout will additionally include capabilities for barcode printing for scanning invoices electronically.

SAP Business One is supporting the extra workload of our increased operational performance. We now have automated controls and reporting in place, and the system is something the business really needs to enable it to grow effectively.

Kyle Motte

Finance Manager, Waterside Holiday Group

Discover the Benefits

  • The senior leadership team has visibility on the firm’s overall business position based on accurate financial information and reporting.

  • grow

    Waterside has a platform for growth and will benefit from economies of scale, as it grows it can scale the system to suit its changing needs.

  • settings

    Waterside has accurate KPI data so it can monitor and manage its accounts payable process from purchase orders to invoices.

  • With stock management Waterside will increase efficiencies for its business units such as the spas, food outlets and restaurants.

Codestone really focused on training and development, enabling us all to get up and running quickly. Being local to our business was also a real advantage as we benefited from building face-to-face relationships.

Kyle Motte

Finance Manager, Waterside Holiday Group

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