Pip Hare

Can You Believe…

Can You Believe…
SAP Partner Codestone helped one very special remote worker reach her true potential, completing the Vendee Globe Challenge during the Pandemic

Pip Hare Racing

During this pandemic Codestone have been helping customers navigate a different course, driving success whilst working from home.

During these unprecedented times Codestone has also been supporting one very special remote worker. A remote worker who was destined to spend 95 days 8 hours and 16min aboard her 60ft yacht navigating the globe in some of the world’s most remote seas, Competing in the Vendee Globe.

Our mantra at Codestone based on strapline; Inspire, Transform Achieve is all about enabling people and organisations to Reach Their True Potential. So when we heard about this remarkable woman’s endeavours it resonated with our core values.


Pip Hare is a true entrepreneur Her journey began over 11 years ago when she first had the inspirational idea to compete in the Vendée Globe. Although she knew she was ready for the physical and mental challenge of the race due to her vast sailing experience, she wouldn’t have believed it was actually her entrepreneurial spirit that made all the difference in making her dream a reality.

As Pip explained, “I started my campaign without sponsorship, which was a really crazy place to start. But I saw an opportunity, because the boat became available to charter. I believed I could actually kick off the campaign on relatively slim monthly costs to get myself a place in the race and then prove to potential sponsors that I was capable of competing at this level.”

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Parallels to business

She knew her approach to succeed would be like running a business and needed a clear strategy and objectives. Securing investment, planning and getting expert people involved would be the key to her success in preparing for the most grueling of challenges. Covering key functions such as marketing, logistics, technology, human resources and sponsorship meant that she could draw up an achievable business plan. Her self-belief, detailed planning and determination then inspired local businesses, such as Codestone, to invest in her dream, giving her the funds and support to finance the project and build a team that would ultimately be her life-line as she faced the epic journey ahead.

Although Pip had set off alone on the yacht just as the rules insist, she knew she wouldn’t be alone at all. She believed, “It’s was no longer just about me as an athlete, it’s about the kit I have and the support of my team as well as other people helping my performance, making me the best I could possibly be.”

In fact, the extreme test facing Pip was so immense, the race is nicknamed ‘the Everest of the ocean’ and in Pip’s own words “it challenged every aspect of what it means to be a human-being.”

“I was navigating my 60ft IMOCA, alone, through the most remote waters in the world. It is said that at some points in the Southern Ocean I was nearer to another human being on the International space station than on any terrestrial land mass.”

Planning and communication is key

Similar to running any business project, she was highly organised, calm and controlled and used her problem-solving skills to remain on course. By having pre-planned systems and procedures in place this helped her cope and ensured that she and her offshore team knew exactly what was expected of them during the race. Timings of her daily calls had been planned to take into account different time zones to ensure there was someone at the other end of the phone when she made her calls. Clear communication is key to a successful project and this is no different to life on board the boat. The Information communicated needed to be focused, concise and honest and the right person or expert needs to be involved so they have the tools to help. Pip needed to tell her team when she could be putting herself at risk, such as going overboard to make repairs or climbing the mast. This meant that the onshore team could act quickly if there is no response from the boat and could put an emergency plan into action. Message systems were also put in place to easily share information, with real-time data being very important as conditions changed extremely quickly.


Pip successfully completed the race in 95 days having overcome many technical and environmental challenges.

As a Leading SAP partner Codestone we’re truly proud to sponsor Pip and are delighted that we had helped give her the opportunity to reach her potential, just as we help and inspire our customers to reach theirs. Pip had no idea what was instore for her on her journey, but she couldn’t have been more prepared. She adapted to changing conditions and think quickly on her feet, just like all of our customers have needed to do in this very different, difficult and unexpected year.

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