Pig farm

Codestone Supporting Continued Growth for Rattlerow Farms


One of the largest and longest established independent pig genetics business, Rattlerow Farms, has bucked industry trends and maintained steady growth over many years. It provides significant economic advances for its producers, processors and retail customers in the global pork market. From its UK origins, it has established an international presence in Belgium, Holland, Hungary and China. Further expansion is at the heart of its business strategy and having the right internal systems to support this growth is essential.

Codestone’s implementation approach and attention to detail won it the contract to implement SAP Business One. This Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system will provide it with the power and control it needs to support its growth, while delivering a solution that is affordable and not overly complex.
Initially the integrated solution will be used to automate the generation of sales invoices and inter-branch transactions. It will also incorporate the SAP Business One Usability Package (UP) from Boyum, and SAP Business Process Automation (BPA) to streamline processes across the organisation.

Rattlerow Farms will make considerable savings in man hours from the automation of functions previously carried out on apaper-based system. Having an integrated ERP system will bring efficiencies and productivity gains as more and more tasks are automated. With financial and operational data held in a single repository, the business will have aim to have visibility of the performance of its operational units.

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