Peter Campbell

Director of Managed Services joins Codestone to deliver customer service excellence

Codestone is delighted to announce that it has appointed Peter Campbell as its new Director of Managed Services. Peter’s impressive track record in Managed Services and experience in providing the crucial framework to deliver exceptional customer service will ensure that Codestone’s customers are in secure hands.

An international career taking off

It was at British Airways where Peter’s career in technology first took off after starting out as an Engineer on aircraft and IT systems. He then held roles at Gandalf Digital Comms before joining AT&T working with large global corporations designing, building, and managing their network services and oversaw running operations across 16 countries in Europe. After 14 years of international travel, Peter decided the jet set life was no longer for him. He wanted to be around for his young family and craved a better work-life balance. He decided to put an end to living out of a suitcase and packed up his international career.

A job closer to home

Finding a job closer to home at Birmingham City Council gave Peter an insight into local government. His next role at NSC Global couldn’t have been more different, as he was given autonomy to transform its Operations and Transformational Services. But his biggest career challenge was at CANCOM, where he initiated and led the transformation of its Managed Services. As Peter explains, “I was brought in to transform the business, so needed to look at the people, processes, tools and technology.” This included re-structuring, strengthening the management team, designing and refreshing key elements of the infrastructure and data centres across the UK. He also focused on staff training, performance management, and reward and recognition so staff shared in the success. The results were outstanding with zero customer churn, a high NPS score and a doubling of revenue over his tenure.

Investing in customers and employees

Peter has a sharp vision on what he wants to achieve at Codestone to make a difference. The first is investing in customers, their satisfaction and loyalty to ensure growth. He knows that Codestone can deliver exceptional service by making sure the right framework, processes and teams are in place. He also wants to connect with the customers better as he explains,

“We want to have more regular heartbeat meetings with our customers. I would like to instigate regular reviews that talk about the performance of our services, how we’ve handled any incidents and how we support their transformation journeys. Through better customer relationships, it will give a clearer picture of customer’s needs, allowing Codestone to easily adapt our services and highlight where there are gaps in our offering.”

Working closely with the Sales team is also vital,

“By working collaboratively across Sales and Professional Services, we can better understand our pipeline and inflight projects,” Peter explains, “This will ensure that the transition process into Managed Services is planned effectively, and the customer Day One experience is excellent.”

Finally, the need to invest in staff is vital and Peter states,

“It’s important to keep staff up to date with technology and be ahead of our customers to remain relevant.”

Codestone’s strong culture was a key selling point when deciding to take on his new role and Peter has always seen this as the secret to a business’s success. The ‘get up and go’ mindset with minimal bureaucracy at Codestone is something he can build on. He explains, “I’m definitely a people-oriented person and believe you are only as good as the weakest person in your team, so it is important to invest in people.” He will use this people approach managing his teams, aiming to bring the whole Managed Service operations and acquisitions of Codestone under one roof.

The sound of music

Peter is proud of his family of four, who between them cover a portfolio of skills including legal, accountancy, professional musician and university student, and just to add to the family skill mix, his wife of 34 years works in the Education sector! But if he hadn’t chosen this career path what would Peter be doing? “Music is one of my passions, and there is no doubt that I would have been a full-time musician,” he highlights. Peter has played Bass Guitar in several bands for many years and has even managed a band which toured across Europe. He also enjoys keeping fit which was kickstarted in the most high-profile way possible when his two friends appeared on a Channel 4 ‘Get Fit’ programme. Peter ended up presenting on the show and was then roped in to doing Park Runs and now regularly runs 10km and half marathons. His final hobby is to try and gently encourage his children to move out so he can have a bit of time (and money) for himself!

The ultimate customer service

Peter’s inclusive approach to running Managed Services will be a big asset to Codestone, as Jim Bucknell, Codestone’s CEO confirms,

“We are excited to have Peter join the Codestone family and bring his enthusiasm and exceptional Managed Services acumen and experience to ensure every customer receives the ultimate support and expertise that they deserve.”

Peter wants to offer customers a world class service and equally wants to make sure the team is happy and confident that they have both the skills and support to help their customers.

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