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HANA development key for SAP

A couple of weeks ago we told you about our time at the SAP Innovation Summit in Berlin and some of the news coming out of that.

Of course, being called the Innovation Summit meant that a huge focus was on some of the latest developments coming soon.

This year the big focus was on SAP Business One HANA which is quickly becoming the cornerstone of SAP’s technical innovation strategy.

HANA first came to market in 2010 and is an in-memory data platform created to support, in real-time, businesses who have high transaction volumes. HANA allows organisations to use all the capabilities of SAP Business One, but also get the value of insight gleaned from every piece of data across the organisation, the second it is captured, enabling businesses to make instant decisions.

For SMEs this immediate availability of data enables them to improve financial performance, increase profit margins, provide better customer service and solve problems quickly and easily while improving business processes.

The development of SAP Business One HANA since its launch has continued at a pace to support better operational performance, larger data sets, more insightful real-time analytics and has made integration easier. There has also been rapid application development too.

Going forward, while Microsoft SQL will continue to remain a fully supported platform, SAP understand that access to more of the new innovations in computing software is only made possible by choosing HANA and as such their development needs to focus on this product.

We’re really pleased to be at the forefront of these developments and leading on the evolution of HANA for SMEs. We currently support a number of customers who use SAP Business One HANA and are already gaining a significant advantage from real-time business insights and the highly responsive eCommerce suite.

To find out more about how SAP Business One HANA could benefit your business, or to discuss any of the other SAP solutions we offer call us today on 0370 334 4000.

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