Future of SAP Business One

SAP Business One in 2023

As part of SAP’s continuous improvement release FP 2208 has been made available for SAP Business One customers. Here we highlight just some of the improvements in the release with a link to a video by Rainer Zinow – SVP Product Management Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises SAP SE, which outlines the achievements for SAP Business One in 2022, what’s new in FP 2208 release and a look at further deliveries during 2023.

Rainer explains how the Business One roadmap is built, demonstrates powerful web client analytics and shows how partner applications can be integrated to B1 using SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP) development environment.

In line with its strategic commitments, SAP continues to deliver:

  • Consumer-grade user experience
  • Built-in integrations to other SAP and partner-developed applicationsA powerful platform with enhanced and published APIs
  • Improved cloud operations by decoupling Business One from underlying infrastructure
  • Embedded AI, and advanced analytics to create business value

A few highlights from 2022

In 2022 SAP delivered many enhancements to SAP Business One, including:

  • Security enhancements to ensure SAP Business One benefits from the same security levels irrespective of the underlying platform, on-premise, public cloud or partner-managed cloud solutions.
  • Improved analytics and automation in the web client across SAP Business One, ByDesign and S4/HANA products.
  • Open APIs, making the web client extensible for easier integration of partner-developed applications.

Specific enhancements from Release 2208

In the video Rainer highlights and demonstrates several new features from the SAP Business One FP 2208 release, including:

  • New look and feel Horizon skin for the web client, deployed across all of SAP’s product line.
  • Many new processes, such as Purchase Request handling, that can be run from the web client.
  • New robotic processes, including extraction of documents from email, which can significantly streamline tasks such as delivery confirmation and invoice generation.
  • New analytics capabilities with ability to combine data from different sources for multiple dashboards.
  • Integration of the SAP Carbon Footprint Management solution with SAP Business One using the Business Technology Platform (BTP) development environment.
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