The great ISDN switch off – It’s time to look at Microsoft Teams Phone
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The great ISDN switch off – It’s time to look at Microsoft Teams Phone as a solution

BT will switch off and deactivate its outdated legacy ISDN network entirely at the end of 2025. As of January 2023, there are still over 2 million ISDN customers who have still to decide on what to do about their old phone system, and this is largely due to ISDN contract renewals and when they are due to expire. So now is the time to look at your options for migrating your business voice across to VoIP and SIP technologies as ISDN will cease to function in 2025.

The popularity of ISDN since it was released in 1986 has meant that business phone systems have lagged behind in technology, but at the same time most businesses have invested in Internet connectivity and now have access to bandwidths capable of running quality voice and video services. Most organisations have also adopted cloud services such as Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, and so the natural transition for a business phone system is to also look at cloud-hosted and Internet based services for telephony.

A Microsoft Teams Phone system is an easy replacement for ISDN and brings with it lower overall telecoms costs while also increasing features and functionality, as well as providing integration with all areas of the business.

Teams Phone is a great fit for all company sizes as it is available as both a simple, no frills phone system, or can cover the most demanding voice environments. You can also keep your existing numbers and migrate to much lower-cost call plans, with many calls being free of charge!

Codestone provides a free consultation whereby we look at your current business phone system and business requirements, and show you how a migration from ISDN can be easily achieved in a cost-effective way.

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