How codestone help you choose sap products

How we help you choose the ideal SAP Business One solution

Adopting a SAP Business One solution can feel like a big decision for your business to make. You may have already tried an ERP solution which hasn’t worked for you or you may have just simply outgrown your current solution and need to upgrade.

Whatever situation you are in, at Codestone we will be able to provide you with the help and guidance you require to ensure that you get the solution which is right for your business. Here are some of the key things we will run through with you.

What are you looking for?

Business Development Manager Colin Scott is likely to be one of the first people that you speak to if you come to Codestone with a query about adopting SAP Business One. He told us what he would be looking to achieve from that first phone call:

“If I am taking an incoming enquiry and someone says they are looking for software then I would ascertain what has got them to this point, what are the key things they are looking to address and what are the pain points they are currently experiencing. It might be that ‘we have a current solution and have outgrown it’, ‘we need better stock control’, ‘we need better multi-currency’ or ‘we need better warehousing facilities.’”

The aim from the very outset is to establish if SAP Business One will work for you and address your needs. We will also need to understand what your short, medium and long-term aspirations are to ensure that SAP Business One will not only address your needs right now, but in the future as well.

Understanding how it will work in your business

When you already have a series of established processes or applications to do the work your business needs, it can be hard to envisage how SAP Business One will fit into or replace what you currently use. This is the second main point we will cover with you to ensure that you feel comfortable in how SAP Business One could work for you.

“I will provide you with a high-level description of SAP Business One to give you an idea of the look and feel, functionality and how it will provide the solutions you are looking for,” Colin explained.

At Codestone, we have a detailed onboarding process for new customers and after the initial call, we will arrange to visit your business to conduct a workshop where we run through a comprehensive questionnaire, drilling down into every area of your business to understand what you are looking to achieve and what we can deliver to meet those requirements.

We can also give you a cost illustration and budgetary proposal at a very early stage, as we appreciate that the cost of the solution can be a critical decision point in determining if SAP Business One is right for your business.

Helping you find the right solution

When talking about SAP, some people can have the impression that it is big, complicated and, as such, not suitable for them. As Colin stated, that is not the case with Business One: “One of the key selling points of SAP Business One is its simplicity. Whilst it’s a powerful solution it’s also easy to use. If you are progressing from entry level software, you are moving up to something which is going to deliver all the powerful processes and everything you need, but is also very simple to use.

“SAP Business One is aimed at businesses with turnover of around £2 – 250 million who have outgrown their current system.”

Who to go with?

The final key decision, which rests solely with your business, is who to partner with to supply you with SAP Business One.

In Colin’s words: “Codestone is one of the largest resellers of SAP Business One in the UK and one of the most experienced having implemented over 400 SAP Business One sites. We have just won SAP’s Partner of Year for net new names meaning that we have implemented Business One into more new customers in three out of the last four years than any other partner in the UK and Ireland. We also provide UK based 24/7 support, which no-one else can.”

If you think that SAP Business One could be right for your business, or if you simply want to go through these steps to find out more, then give us a call today.


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