Microsoft Teams gives you better tools to promote teamwork wherever your employees are. With easy to use apps your teams can get work done more easily, collaborate on documents, manage version controls and share files.

Give your business greater teamwork visibility, improve productivity and get advanced security with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft’s fastest growing app.

Meeting the growing need to make remote working easier for businesses

Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) account for 60% of the global workforce, with over half depending on cloud services every day for remote working. Cost savings, improved security and easy access to documents and applications from multiple locations are the top three reasons why SMBs choose cloud.

Find out how Microsoft Teams helps SMBs move their workloads to the cloud and improve the way they work.

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External Calling for Microsoft Teams

Enable external voice calling from within your Microsoft Teams client securely and efficiently. Make and receive UK, international and mobile calls even with non-Teams contacts with reliable and cost-effective calling bundles.

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Microsoft Teams manages your teamwork on the move and removes security concerns

Teamwork is often carried out on third-party apps that costs your business money, risks security breaches and compromises your customer relationships. Disjointed collaboration and file sharing can cause unreliable version controls and delays in the development and implementation of content and ideas.

And without a centralised hub for information and inconsistent tools used across the business, your IT support workload will be increased. See how Microsoft Teams makes life easier for teamwork.


Get started with our free of charge SMB Teamwork Workshop that will guide you through to a quick, easy and successful Microsoft Teams implementation:

  1. Gain insight into your teamwork requirements and objectives
  2. Prioritise collaboration and communication scenarios
  3. Create a roadmap for successful implementation

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Easily support your team members who want to work anywhere from any device.


Work together in online meetings and on shared documents from one app.


Give access to those who need it and keep out those who don’t.


Engage more professionally in email and online with customers, co-workers, partners and suppliers.


Make working from home easier, more secure and more productive with Microsoft Teams

Get the most out of Microsoft Teams

  • Chat and online meetings empower employees as they engage with customers, demonstrate products in action and represent your business
  • Online file storage, document sharing and co-authoring enables you to collaborate in real-time and keep everything in one place
  • Intelligent email and calendaring capabilities that keep you focused and on track
  • In-built telephony means no PBX or SIPs, simple user tariff and make/receive calls from mobile/laptop as if in the office
  • Remove on-premise file and admin servers in favour of 365 Cloud with secure access from anywhere

Why Codestone?

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have the expertise to guide you at every point along the way to ensure you succeed. With Microsoft Teams we will help you to enable new ways of working, be more collaborative, access information more easily and stay secure.

If you’re thinking of making the switch to Microsoft Teams or want to know more, we’re here to support you:

  • Take advantage of continuous end-user support, training, and adoption services
  • Benefit from streamlined user policy governance and data lifecycle management support
  • Enable online meeting set-up, workload enablement, file and content migration
  • Receive help and training for live events


We were really impressed by the pitch, the people and the professionalism of Codestone. Our three sites are now seamlessly connected on one platform so there is complete visibility and collaborative working is much easier.

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