Codestone is the leading SAP Business One and SAP ByDesign partner across Europe. Through our day to day marketing efforts Codestone come across opportunities outside our SAP Portfolio. Codestone would like to work more closely with our complementary SAP Partners, sharing these opportunities to ultimately drive new business for you whilst keeping opportunity within the SAP channel.

Give to receive, plus…

Our initiative is designed to be mutually beneficial through the exchange of leads. In addition to this, for any business won, Codestone offer a reward of 5% of the total project value in year one.

Last month we paid over £9,000 to a referring partner for a single lead!

Let’s start the conversation!

Partner with Codestone and find out:

  • What it means to you and your business
  • How the referral scheme could work for you

Contact: Morad Molavi

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 0370 334 4081

If we discover leads that fall into your target market, we want to share them with you.


The process is simple, if you know an organisation you think we should be talking to, then please follow the steps below:

Complete the form to refer the opportunity.

We will reach out to the contact you provide us and qualify the opportunity, we will confirm acceptance to you.

Throughout the process we will keep you updated.

0370 334 4000