One single secure entryway to all your SaaS applications*

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*Currently SaaS applications with Single Sign On capabilities.

SaaSLocker gives you centralised easy-to-use control and protection for all your SaaS applications, bolstered with Codestone’s 24/7 threat monitoring and security response service. Available in two affordable packages.

Security and Control for SaaS applications

Take control of access to your 3rd party cloud-based apps.

Proactively protect your business.

Increase compliance with a cost-effective service that gives you the insights and awareness you need for peace of mind.

Securing SaaS applications with SaaSLocker

Key features to keep you secure:

Privileged Administration
Access Controls
Use Single sign-on, MFA and other restrictions to limit access to specific user groups, devices, IP addresses or countries.
Identity Governance
Sessions Controls
Block or allow the ability for users to copy, paste, print, upload or download. This can be done granularly, or for all users.
Identity Administration
Enhanced User Security
Detect repeated user login failures, impossible travel, MFA bypass attempts, and other suspicious indicators; then trigger alerts and automated responses to behaviours, based on your policies.
Data Protection
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Prevent deliberate or accidental data loss by preventing use of copy and paste, up/downloading of specific file types or printing.
Detect Ransomware Activity
Profiles your environment and alerts when activity pattern is detected that is typical of this type of attack.
Monthly Reporting
See the value of SaaSLocker, with monthly reports which show you metrics about your SaaS estate. Metrics include Application Traffic, Users, Number of SaaS apps, Risk Levels, Discovered apps, and more.


Supporting you

Codestone is SAP’s leading partner in EMEA North for SAP Business ByDesign. Winner of the SAP EMEA North Best Performance Award, we have a great deal of experience across multiple industry sectors, delivering rapid projects alongside complex international rollouts.

Our SaaSLocker service is available as a self-managed option including SaaS app protection, enhanced logging and monthly reporting, or as a fully managed service adding Codestone 24/7 alert management and incident response.

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