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Unlock your business's full potential with Codestone's Strategic Technology Workshops.

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    Identify IT solutions for common business challenges

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    Provide a roadmap showing which issues should be prioritised

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    Help you budget for upcoming challenges over the next 3 years

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    Reduce IT spend by leveraging existing technology more efficiently

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    Explain how/where new technologies and systems would benefit the business

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    Ensure you exercise appropriate data Security and Governance models

Your Business

Businesses of all types rely on technology more than ever, but few have a coherent strategy for growth, flexibility and security. These Codestone Workshops, worth £2,500 each but delivered free of charge to existing Codestone customers, provide a technology roadmap that will help your business succeed.

Join our dynamic Business Technology Workshop led by our expert Consultants

Office Moves (Physical and/or Hybrid)

Discover the winning formula for smooth and secure office moves. Successfully navigate the changing landscape of physical and hybrid office setups, ensuring a stable and secure service for your user, whether you’re downsizing/expanding/ moving, or transitioning to serviced offices, or going fully remote.

Corporate Acquisition/Divestment

Master the art of corporate acquisition and divestment by understanding what’s involved in onboarding a new company from a technical, to practical. security and commercial perspective. Gain the insights needed to seamlessly onboard acquisitions or sell off business units.

Cybersecurity Review

Defend your business against cyber threats with our Cybersecurity Review Workstream. Our experts will help you assess your current cyber stance, pinpoint vulnerabilities and provide actionable recommendations to strengthen your defences. Learn how to ensure you stay one step ahead of ransomware and malware attacks with Codestone.

Google to Microsoft Migration

Streamline your IT landscape and enhance user experience with our Google to Microsoft
Migration Work Stream. Our experts will guide you through a seamless transition, optimising the migration of files, permissions, and documents from Google to Microsoft, unlocking the potential of Microsoft 365 and Azure while reducing costs.

IT Modernisation

Revitalise your IT infrastructure through our Transformative Technology Workstream. Whether embracing cloud-first or upgrading local hardware, we guide you towards robust efficiency and security to avoid breaches and enhance recovery. Get expert advice tailored to your business needs, budget, and timelines for optimal IT modernisation.

Company Accreditation

Elevate your company’s credibility and data security through our Company Accreditation Workstream. Learn how to meet industry standards like CyberEssentials and ISO, ensuring supply chain compliance and robust data protection. Our audit services provide actionable insights to achieve certification efficiently.

Thank you to the Codestone Team for a highly insightful Business Technology workshop. It covered a lot of useful topics, making it a great use of my time. It helped me figure out my business's tech needs and what new tech I might use in the future. Definitely gave me plenty to consider.

Shane Nash, Double H Nurseries Ltd

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