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Successfully manage and grow your business with an affordable, powerful ERP solution enabled by Codestone.
  • ico/stats Automate business processes with out-of-the-box functionality
  • ico/stats Customise your solution with built-in tools and business intelligence
  • ico/stats Future proof your success with SAP’s expertise and improvement roadmap
  • ico/stats Scale with your business growth using SAP HANA database technology
  • ico/stats Choose from on-premise or cloud deployment for security and mobility
  • ico/stats Track business performance with built-in reports and dashboards

UK’s #1 SAP Business One Reseller – Improving Your Business

SAP Customer Satisfaction Award 2023
SAP Partner Excellence Awards, SAP Business One 2022
SAP Business One Satisfaction UKI Award Winner 2022
EMEA North Best Performance Award 2020
EMEA North Outstanding Performance Award 2020
UK & Ireland Net New Name Award 2020
EMEA North Best Performance Award 2020
EMEA North Outstanding Performance Award 2020
UK & Ireland Net New Name Award 2020
SAP Partner Excellence Awards, EMEA North Winner 2022
SAP Partner Excellence Awards, EMEA North Winner 2022
What Is SAP Business One Video

At a Glance

What is SAP Business One?
Empowering Businesses with Improved Management

SAP Business One is an affordable ERP software platform for complete business management to ensure your business thrives. From accounting and purchasing, inventory, sales and customer relationships to reporting and analytics, Business One gives you greater control.

And as the #1 SAP Business One UK partner, Codestone can help you streamline key processes, gain greater insight into your business, and make decisions based on real-time information – so you can drive profitable growth from Day 1 with SAP B1.​ Implementing SAP B1 software will help your business reach its potential.

Key Features

SAP Business One is a powerful ERP solution
that offers a wide range of functional capabilities

  • global search
    International Reach
    SAP B1 keeps you compliant with local regulatory requirements, allowing you to do business wherever you need to.
  • data
    Core Business Processes
    Benefit from many years of proven best practice and a roadmap for future long-term development. models and data entry forms for ESG reporting frameworks. Validate the collected data immediately.
  • telescope
    Industry focus
    We can advise you on the right industry-specific functionality, best-of-breed apps and business logic to extend your solution.
  • Horizontal extensions
    SAP software can also connect to other mission-critical modules to support your specific business needs.
  • Automation Tools
    You can easily configure SAP Business One using built-in customisation toolsets and add-ons, without the need for bespoke coding.
  • integrate
    External Integration
    Seamlessly integrate with key external operational systems to enable you to run your business flexibly.
  • chart
    SAP software provides you with rapid reporting and processing so you can scale and grow your business with one platform.
  • chart
    Data and Reporting
    Easily create your own reports or use the 150+ built-in reports and dashboards for real time business intelligence.

We help our customers achieve the benefits
that SAP Business One can deliver

As the #1 SAP Business One UK partner, we can help you streamline key processes, gain greater insight into your business, and make decisions based on real-time information.

  • Future Proof
    SAP Business One is SAP’s business management software designed for SMEs. Benefit from years of SAP’s best practice and long-term roadmap for improvement.
  • team
    Build a Loyal Customer Base
    Manage your sales pipeline from initial contact to sales, service and support. Increase sales and profitability and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Optimise Purchasing
    Optimise your order-to-pay process with SAP purchasing and inventory control. Easily compare suppliers and negotiate better deals and opportunities for cost savings.
  • globe
    International Compliance
    Over 50 localisations in 28 languages keep your business compliant with local accounting and tax requirements. Have confidence to do business wherever you need to.
  • eye
    Over 150 built-in reports and dashboards give you real-time insights into your business performance. Empower decision makers with true visibility across all your business functions.
  • Flexibility
    Choose from on-premise or cloud deployments. Public cloud, private cloud or on-premise options to suit your business needs and budget.
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What's new

SAP Business One in 2023
Enhanced Tools for Businesses

As part of SAP’s continuous improvement release FP 2208 has been made available for SAP Business One customers. Here we highlight just some of the improvements in the release with a video by Rainer Zinow – SVP Product Management, Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises SAP SE, which outlines the achievements for SAP Business One in 2022, what’s new in FP 2208 release and a look at further deliveries during 2023.

Read more here
Frequently Asked Questions

What our clients commonly ask about purchasing
SAP Business One

What is SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is a comprehensive ERP system and accounting software solution designed to improve business operations and data management. SAP B1 provides businesses with the tools they need to manage their core functions. From inventory control to financial management, SAP Business 1 offers a range of business analytics and reporting capabilities. With the right license, you can make use of the full power of this ERP system, ensuring your operations are efficient and ready for success.

Who is the software for?

SAP Business One is designed for fast growing small to medium businesses across various industries. It is a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that caters to the needs of companies seeking to streamline their business processes, manage finances, track inventory, and improve overall operational efficiency.
Specifically, SAP Business One is intended for:

  1. Companies with Growth Aspirations: This ERP system is suitable for businesses looking to scale and expand. It offers tools and features that can support growth without the need for a major system overhaul whilst catering for complex business operations and growth ambitions.
  2. Various Industries: SAP Business One is versatile and can be customised to suit a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, retail, distribution, services, and more. It provides industry-specific functionalities and adaptability.
  3. Those Seeking Improved Efficiency: Companies that want to streamline their operations, automate manual processes, and gain better control over their business functions can benefit from SAP Business One.
  4. Businesses seeking enhanced visibility and control: Facilitated by real-time data access, streamlined approval workflows, and timely notifications. This empowers the ability to proactively shape strategic decisions rather than reacting to circumstances.
  5. Stock and Supply Chain Management: Companies with complex stock and supply chain management needs can use SAP Business One to optimise stock levels, reduce carrying costs, and improve order fulfilment.
  6. Enhanced Decision-Making: SAP Business One provides real-time data and analytics, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and gain insights into their operations.

How does SAP software work?

SAP Solutions work around your business processes and allow you to run smarter and more efficiently by having all your information and users in one central software system.

What are the features of SAP B1 software?

SAP Business One is an end to end business software system which incorporates all the core modules required to run a business including finance, sales, CRM, purchasing, stock control, production, MRP, HR and Business Intelligence. Importantly these functions are all fully integrated into one solution and database deployed in the cloud or on-premise.

Is SAP Business 1 an ERP?

Yes, it’s a true ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software aimed at SME’s or subsidiaries of large enterprises. An ERP manages and integrates various core business processes across different departments.

What is the latest version of SAP B1?

Currently the latest version of SAP Business One on general release for both SQL and HANA is version 10.

What are the key functionalities of the software?

SAP Business One is an end to end business software system which incorporates all the core modules required to run a business including finance, sales, CRM, purchasing, stock control, production, MRP, HR and Business Intelligence. Importantly these functions are all fully integrated into one solution and database deployed in the cloud or on-premise. As an ERP system, it provides a centralised view of critical business data.

How much does SAP Business One cost?

SAP Business One user licenses can start from as little as £40 per user per month. The total cost of the project though is all dependent on the number of users, scale and complexity. We have put SAP Business One into new start-ups with a handful of staff through to larger organisations or subsidiaries of large enterprises with hundreds of users across the world. Learn more about pricing here

Is it difficult to implement SAP software solutions?

Quick and easy to implement – Codestone can get you up and running in weeks. 0ver 60,000 SAP Business One customers have implemented in over 150+ countries, in 28 languages and 44 localised versions, and Codestone has delivered successful projects throughout.

Is the software too complex for my business?

There’s a lot packed in the solution, and SAP Business One is also modular and flexible with over 500 add-on solutions, tailored to industries or special functions. And with Codestone’s 25 years of experience, we can remove any confusion and fully support you achieve a future-proof ERP system that works best for your business. We provide companies with improved software tools to manage their business services.

Why use SAP B1 CRM solutions?

It is a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that was specifically designed for the small to mid-sized business. We believe that it provides our customers with a comprehensive accounting and business management solution that is both affordable and easily configurable to the specific needs of their business. It can improve customer relationships by providing businesses with software tools to manage customer interactions and data.

What's new in

Available both on-premise and in the cloud, the latest version of the SAP Business One ERP software application offers new features, including intelligent analytics, project management and an app-like interface for real-time access to main business functions.

Why choose Codestone for
SAP Business One?

Our video explains our relationship with the marketing leading business software solution for SMEs.

Customer Success Stories

Wholesale & Distribution

With SAP Business 1 we enable you to streamline every aspect of your wholesale and distribution process. We help you maximise customer opportunities, streamline the supply chain to drive lean inventory levels, and optimise processes through stock and warehouse management through to distribution.

More about Wholesale & Distribution

Godfrey Tucker

Project Manager at Consilient Health

We haven’t come across any business scenarios yet that the solution can’t handle.
Pet Care
Armitage Pet Care
Read the Story
Carpet Factory
Rama Carpets
Read the Story


Track and manage manufacturing process every step of the process helping you drive greater efficiency. With the ability to create multilevel bills of materials (BOMs) you are able to track costs and then analyse these in terms of sales made, stock levels and returned items.

Keith Bilham

Financial Director, Plascoat Systems

It’s good to know you’ve got a partner you can trust and rely on. Codestone implemented exactly what we needed, and they did it on time and within budget.

Professional Services

An insightful and agile business management system can help you achieve exceptional results by driving every aspect of your end-to-end process towards increased performance, efficiency and profit.


At Codestone, we specialise in delivering Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to all kinds of professional service businesses.

Charlotte Barham

Head of Finance at Utmost Wealth Solutions

Codestone helped us to complete a complex implementation which has delivered benefits to the organisation and aligned our Group to the finance system of choice.
Close up of a stocks display board
Utmost Wealth Management
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SAP Accounting

There two things that cause an organisation to change its financial software: growth in turnover, transactions and people means that you need to integrate finance into the end-to-end operation.


The second driver is usually complexity; multiple business units, operating countries, currencies and tax requirements have taken you beyond the capabilities of your existing solution.


That’s where we can help you to implement a new SAP Business One Accounting system.

Kyle Motte

Finance Manager, Waterside Holiday Group

Codestone took time to understand our needs and scope out a project plan for us. It was a success and as a result we’ve already set up four other companies.
Waterside Holiday Group
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Food & Beverage

Fully integrate your Food & Beverage processes and take control of all functions to improve efficiencies. Streamline every part of your supply chain so you can accurately align supply and demand, reduce wastage, ensure regulatory compliance and enhance your customer service.

Luke Harrison

Head of Data Science & Systems, Oakhouse Foods

As well as gaining a technologically advanced platform for growth, a key benefit of the infrastructure and SAP application upgrade is that in Codestone we now have a single point of contact so together we can solve problems quicker.
Taste Connection
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Oakhouse Foods
Oakhouse Foods
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Control and improve your Chemicals business process and get real insight into every aspect of your operations. Easy to use dashboards helps with quality control and regulatory compliance, suppliers and procurement management and improves your customer relationship to increase profitability.

Godfrey Tucker

Project Manager at Consilient

We haven’t come across any business scenarios yet that the solution can’t handle.
Consillient Health
Consilient Health Case Study
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Support Services

Supporting you
all the way

Codestone is SAP’s leading partner in EMEA North for SAP Business One. Winner of the SAP EMEA North Best Performance Award, we have a great deal of experience across multiple industry sectors, delivering rapid projects alongside complex international rollouts.

Our successful implementation methodology and systematic approach ensures end-to-end project success. After go-live we offer 24x7x365 SAP and IT infrastructure support, plus the industry’s broadest Cloud IT and Managed Services portfolios, to ensure you are always up and running and importantly, future-proofed.

See our Support Services
ICAEW Accredited Software Logo

Tailored to
Your needs

At Codestone, we take the time to understand your business needs and aspirations, and design SAP solutions specifically to you to future-proof your business.​

How you deploy SAP Business One is totally up to you. Codestone can deploy in your environment, in the Codestone Cloud delivering you a fully managed service, or provide you with SAP as-a-Service consumed on an OPEX basis.​


We should be talking.
It will be worth it.

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