Graff Diamonds Customer Success Story

An integrated, centralised solution helps achieve customer excellence worldwide

Graff Diamonds
We are integrated as a business and SAP Business One provides the integration platform for all that data.

Andrew Nicholson

CFO, Graff Diamonds

The Client

Graff Diamonds

Founded in London in 1960 by Laurence Graff OBE, Graff Diamonds is one of world’s most renowned jewellery houses. They discover, cut, polish and set many of the finest
diamonds ever certified. These unique and special stones and jewellery are available to buy from their 50 stores worldwide where customer excellence is foremost.

Understanding the Problem

The Challenge

To offer excellence to their customers, Graff needed a system that could handle all the unique elements of a piece of jewellery – some consisting of hundreds of individual stones. They needed the ability to work effectively – and quickly – both in the UK and on a global basis supporting their operations around the world.

Graff needed a flexible platform that would enable them to quickly roll out and fully support a new location and all its business operations.

diamond ring

The Solution

Making it Work

Once Graff had decided that SAP Business One was the right solution for them they carried out an extensive assessment of SAP’s business partners and selected Codestone as their partner of choice to deliver the system.

As an integrated, centralised business, all their processes and controls – are now reliant on SAP Business One. The system provides a flexible integration platform for all their data that is adaptable when they expand into new regions and locations. Codestone had the skills
to deliver the solution that Graff needed, tailoring SAP Business One to fit their exact requirements in a very unique industry.

The system enables them to quickly roll out business operations in a new location and provide full support in finance, stock control, sales, and purchasing. 12 years on, the system has expanded to incorporate new technologies such as an IOS app, extending the usability and business efficiency.

We see working through Codestone as the most efficient way to work with SAP Business One and look forward to our relationship continuing in the long term.

Andrew Nicholson

CFO, Graff Diamonds

Discover the Benefits

  • building

    Rollout to new locations in a new region is now very quick

  • stop watch

    All business processes and controls and fully integrated allowing Graff to work quickly and efficiently

  • flexible

    Flexible platform that can handle all the elements of a piece of jewellery

  • trophy

    Graff can offer customer excellence that is consistent worldwide

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