Codestone helps Graff Diamonds establish its Microsoft Power BI capability

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The Client

Graff Diamonds

For over half a century, Graff has operated at the very pinnacle of the high jewellery industry, discovering and crafting diamonds of brilliance and rarity, transforming the hidden wonders of the earth into spectacular pieces of jewellery that move the heart and stir the soul.

With over 60 stores worldwide, Graff has ambitiously grown from its foundation in the UK to achieve a global presence. Over the last five years the business has increased its emphasis on sustainable and predictable growth, expanding the entry level product offering while preserving the Graff ultra-luxury positioning in the high jewellery space.

This broadened product offering has meant an increased reliance on the effective use of technology in a more direct approach to customer engagement as well as managing the higher volume of transactions. It has also enabled a greater ability to manage performance of the retail teams through the powerful visualisation of consistent data across management and stores.

The Challenge

An expanding business and plans for more store openings globally meant Graff needed powerful data analytical tools to both give its executives fast, effective business intelligence insights, aiding data-driven decisions, as well as sharing with the store leaders a consistent view on store performance. Graff therefore deployed Microsoft Power BI to help take its data visualisation to the next level and provide advanced reporting capabilities and collaboration.


The Solution

Graff depends on technology across production, marketing, operations and distribution, empowering its employees and scaling for growth.

Having already deployed Power BI, enhancing the useability and data modelling aspects of the analytics software was a top priority for the IT team. It turned to its technology advisory partner Codestone for advice and recommendations on data modelling and performance enhancements, as well as methodology validation. The IT team wanted to understand more about the use of data dimensions and how data could be presented with consistent formatting standards for reports using data content and hierarchical arrangements.

Segun Orija, SQL Data Analyst at Graff explains, “The business wanted to develop and roll out better reports on our overall sales transactions, allowing our management and store teams to work on consistent data and work towards common objectives. Our business development team needed to be able to visualise consistent sales data across the business and set targets. The executives needed reports based on sales performance data and, at a store level, managers needed quick figures based on daily, weekly and monthly sales.”

To support Graff’s Power BI journey, Codestone ran a workshop for Segun and his colleague to look at more efficient ways of getting what they needed out of Power BI and to help realise the full benefits of the analytics software.

Segun continues, “Codestone was really helpful and gave me advice and useful recommendations on improving on the scope and user-friendliness of our Power BI reports. For example, our weekly sales reports now use a mixture of tables, graphs and line charts, enabling users to drill and visualise through navigation, easily switching via toggle buttons between period and cumulative; and in product sales reports users can switch between classification and sub-class.”

Graff is in the process of rolling out sales consultant reports with target data for use in all stores across Europe, Asia and USA. Each store manager will be able to manage and visualise their data, both in local and core currency, on their laptop or iPads, via the data models and apps that Segun has created. Codestone also showed Graff how to create security permissions to ensure that store managers are only able to see the data that is relevant to them.

“The visualisation capability of Power BI and the way we’re setting up the reports means it’s easy for users to click through data, filter and see what they need to from a single dashboard. It’s also very user-friendly so it is becoming a popular data analytical tool across the organisation,” adds Segun.

With Microsoft Power BI, Graff now provides its executives, management and C-level decision makers with near real time reports with meaningful insight and user-friendly visualisations. As a result, Graff is transforming data into actionable insights to create data-driven sales processes that span from product creation to the consumer experience.

Through Power BI, we are now able to ensure that our sales data is viewed, unified and user-centric. This supports our commitment not only to business growth but to superior customer service. The Power BI unified dashboard replaces the multiple reports of the past, ensuring that all those involved in delivering an exceptional customer experience are speaking a common data language.

Segun Orija

SQL Data Analyst, Graff Diamonds Ltd

Discover the Benefits

  • data

    Graff has powerful data insights that are embedded in the business, with reports that are user-friendly and easy to access via dashboards and apps.

  • People

    Collaborating closely with Codestone empowers the Graff IT team, offering the confidence, expertise and best practice to ensure the accurate delivery of reports to the appropriate individuals and groups throughout the organisation.

  • scale

    Power BI reports are supporting better decision-making at a global level, aligning with one source of truth and providing enhanced business insights for the Graff executives.

  • pie chart

    The software analytic tool is helping to reshape how Graff accesses, manages and acts on data by activating the full Power BI experience.

Working with Codestone in this way has given me the confidence to achieve and deliver the reports and visualisation tools I need to provide to the business, using the full capabilities of Power BI. Partnering with the experienced Codestone consultants who have advanced levels of Power BI expertise has also helped develop my wider skillset and I feel supported at every stage.

Segun Orija

SQL Data Analyst, Graff Diamonds Ltd

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