MarineSpace Customer Success Story

Remote Working & Collaboration made easier at MarineSpace


The Client


MarineSpace is a marine planning and environmental consultancy which provides specialist advice and services to clients across a range of sectors.

Understanding the Problem

The Challenge

MarineSpace staff were still communicating mainly by telephone and email when the opportunity arose to replace their IT infrastructure with MS Teams. The main server was based in one office so staff in the other three sites couldn’t easily collaborate on documents, leading to version control issues and the potential for errors.

MarineSpace needed to ensure that correct processes and governance for document quality control were in place to meet client expectations, budgets and standards.

We were unhappy with our existing IT systems; they were clunky and there was too much room for error. We needed a solution that would give us the confidence to know who was working on a document and when, to meet the increasingly rigorous security and audit requirements defined by our clients.

Rob Langman

Director, MarineSpace


The Solution

Making it Work

Codestone was selected by a personal recommendation to implement Microsoft 365 including Teams across MarineSpace’s four offices in Southampton, Peterborough, Norwich and Pembroke Dock.

Within a very short space of time, the MarineSpace staff were all on Teams and managing version control in a much more collaborative and flexible way. Single sign-on is seamless and staff can work together on documents and share files much more easily and securely wherever they are.

The business now benefits from the full range of powerful Office 365 tools including Teams, Single Sign-On, OneDrive and SharePoint. Codestone delivered easy-to-access remote training which was recorded for users who weren’t available to watch it live. Helpdesk support ensures ongoing service continuity, with the new solution providing the added value the business needs to future-proof its IT systems.

Our staff have always worked remotely but we wanted to adopt a much more connected and visible approach. Microsoft Teams has enabled us to work in a collaborative and proactive way across our four sites. When a document is needed quickly staff can easily work together, manage version controls and share files to deliver what’s required.

Rob Langman

Director, MarineSpace

Discover the Benefits

  • Staff can seamlessly collaborate on documents when required, and maintain version control across four offices

  • People

    MarineSpace has confidence that its people have the right productivity tools and processes to deliver what they need to clients

  • Security

    Quality control is assured, with senior staff approval processes meeting company standards

  • Security

    Security concerns are minimised as MarineSpace can govern who has access to its files and documents

Codestone has been a breath of fresh air to work with. They are very good at explaining how Microsoft Teams works in a very non-technical way to everyone across the business. That delivers huge productivity benefits to us.

Rob Langman

Director, MarineSpace

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