18 Apr 2024 2:00pm

Codestone Webinar
Mastering Power BI: A Blueprint for Organisational Success

  • Date

    18 April 2024

  • Time

    2:00 pm

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Webinar:  Mastering Power BI: A Blueprint for Organisational Success

Whether you’re venturing into Microsoft Power BI for the first time or have discovered it organically within your business, grappling with how to effectively implement and control this impressive reporting solution is a common challenge.


The accessibility of Power BI, allowing users to quickly create and share reports, can hinder the development of a structured implementation and lead to a plethora of reports and dashboards circulating around the business with no formal control or structure. Data for data’s sake and something we refer to as the Wild West of Data!

100% of our customers achieve outstanding outcomes in data-driven decision-making through our proven strategy for Power BI organisation-wide deployment.


Your Free Insider’s View of the Winning Implementation Roadmap


Join our 20-minute webinar where Codestone will provide you with a sneak peek of our proven Power BI roadmap. Learn how to comprehensively understand, efficiently implement, and systematically roll out this powerful tool across your organisation, ensuring a controlled and well-governed approach within your business.


Don’t navigate this journey alone. Let Codestone equip you with a blueprint for smooth Microsoft Power BI deployment across your organisation to unlock its full potential.  

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