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Five key enhancements in SAP Business ByDesign Release 2208

As part of its continuous improvement programme, SAP has delivered Release 22.08 for SAP Business ByDesign, incorporating a number of new features and enhancements to the solution. We are happy to highlight five key enhancements that deliver benefits to usability, customer relationship management, tax returns for UK, France and Austria and integration with SAP Product Footprint Management. Usability SAP has changed the look and feel of the user experience with a new modern theme called Horizon. The key differences in this theme are:

  • Intuitive Enterprise Search – putting the search bar front and centre of the launchpad making searching easier and quicker
  • Redesigned page tabs – moving tabs to the page header to reflect actual user habits and to reduce information redundancy on the page
  • Brighter colours and bolder fonts – making it easier to read pages and find key information

The new theme is the default for release 22.08 but you can easily revert to the previous Belize theme if you want.

Previous theme Belize

SAP Business ByDesign UI

New theme Horizon

SAP Business ByDesign UI For more information on Horizon New Theme, please click here to access SAP’s Blog Post. Customer Relationship Management The following enhancements have been made to improve customer relationship management:

  • Price List Hierarchy – now 10 levels
  • Workflow rules now possible for customer invoice business object

Price List Hierarchy

The number of levels of hierarchy for price lists and discounts has now ben expanded to 10, from the previous limit of 5 levels. This change is particularly useful for retail businesses, enabling better classification of customers and application of prices and discounts based on these hierarchies. The process for setting up a new hierarchy level is as follows:

  • Go to Account Management WorkCentre
  • Click on Account Hierarchies view

SAP Business ByDesign UI

  • Click on new to create Hierarchy
  • Click on new Hierarchy Node to add levels
  • Click on add row to assign account to level
  • Click on save and close

SAP Business ByDesign UI SAP Business ByDesign UI To set up Account Hierarchy Price List:

  • Go to Product and Service Portfolio
  • Under Pricing, select Price list

SAP Business ByDesign UI In the drop down menu, select Account Hierarchy Specific Price List, assuming that the Account Hierarchy has been set up in Business Configuration. Click on new SAP Business ByDesign UI Under General, put in the necessary information. SAP Business ByDesign UI

  • Go to Item Tab
  • Click on Add Row and select product
  • Once completed, Click on Release

SAP Business ByDesign UI To test the Account Hierarchy and price list in a sales order:

  • Go to Sales Order WorkCentre and Click on new Sales Order

SAP Business ByDesign UI

  • Select the Account assigned to the hierarchy created
  • Select Product from the hierarchy price list created
  • The system automatically populates the price from the price list

SAP Business ByDesign UI

Workflow Rules for customer invoice business object

Using workflow rules, it is now possible to generate notifications to a customer or supplier if changes are made to specific information on a customer invoice business object, e.g. a change to the invoice due date. The process is the same as existing workflow rules management:

  • Under Application and User Management
  • Select workflow rules

SAP Business ByDesign UI

  • Enter Basic Data

SAP Business ByDesign UI Define Conditions Add Group SAP Business ByDesign UI

  • Define Actions (Placeholders)

SAP Business ByDesign UI

  • Review
  • Select finish and activate

SAP Business ByDesign UI Financial Management – Summary Layout Mapping With the 22.08 release, changes can be made to the Summary Layout Mapping on Tax returns within Business Configuration. This function is only available to customers in UK, France, and Austria. Rows can be added and validity periods edited for Tax Events, allowing inclusion of multiple Tax Rate Type such as Special Reduced. SAP Business ByDesign UI Integration with SAP Product Footprint Management for Clean Operations SAP Product Footprint Management is a cloud solution for SMEs used to analyse the carbon footprint of products. This product can now be seamlessly integrated with SAP Business ByDesign.. In summary, these are the top five enhancements in SAP Business ByDesign 22.08 Release. View release highlights. For more detailed information about SAP Business ByDesign’s latest features in 22.08 or if you would like to know more about implementing Business ByDesign, please contact our Codestone team at [email protected]

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