Microsoft Power BI Support Options With Codestone

At Codestone we offer multiple ways for our customers to get support with Power BI questions and issues. We can help with small one-off problems, getting you through a tough DAX calculation perhaps, or we can assist with planning a dashboard, security on a new workspace or even a whole new tenant implementation.

The benefit of our support packages is their flexibility. A monthly subscription, which can be cancelled at any time with no long-term commitment, gives you access to on-call experts available for remote one-to-one consultations. The annual packages offer 3 different levels of service (measured in hours per year) with the same one-to-one service. It’s like having an extra employee waiting in the wings for when you need them.

Our higher level annual packages also give access to our structured training courses (from level 2) and our data strategy and architecture experts (from level 3). Whatever your needs, one of our flexible, bespoke packages will suit them.

A company seeking to move from a legacy BI tool to Power BI, adding Power BI to a hybrid solution, or picking Power BI as their initial strategic data and reporting tool, will need advice and a trusted partner to see them through the journey. No one can be an expert on day 1, and no one will be able to answer all the questions they have, just by researching it themselves on the internet – there just isn’t the time.

If Codestone is already your SAP BusinessObjects partner, or if Codestone is your partner for SAP Business One or Business By Design, then we already know your data, your team and your requirements. We can help you create a project plan, identify skill-gaps, implement security and build content.

Here are some things we could provide help with if you take up one of our support packages:

Data Modelling

If you currently use SAP BusinessObjects you have universes to report from, if you’re an SAP Crystal Reports user you have dozens if not hundred of individual reports. If you use Qlik or Cognos you may have large stored procedures or other data models to draw experience from. All of these starting points will be useful in planning a move to Power BI.

However no two BI tools are exactly the same in their approach to data modelling. Power BI benefits most from being used with a data warehouse-like star schema or Kimball model. We can help you achieve the most efficient and performant solution for your needs, with advice on using Data Flows, Data Marts or Power Query.


Moving to a new system brings with it risks of exposing data or reports to the wrong audience. For some that will be just an inconvenience for others it would lead to censure and legal issues.

We can advise on how to ensure your workspaces are secure and your data locked down, so that it’s only seen by the right people. Row-level and object-level security can be implemented in Power BI and we can show you how.

We have experience of working with all types and sensitivity of information so will be well-placed to suggest the most appropriate solutions. Trust us to keep your information safe and you’ll sleep easier knowing it’s looked after.

Report and Dashboard Design

If you need extra resource to create a new report while your own BI team work on BAU or other projects, we can do that. If you have a question about a particular DAX statement that you can’t quite get working, we can help you. If you want advice on the best type of visualisation or the design of a template, we can work with you there too.

We have decades of combined experience in report design and data visualisation best-practice, and we can help you create beautiful and informative output. Giving your users access to insights and trends is the whole point of a BI tool, enabling them to quickly take action or respond to issues. The right indicator, the right calculation, even the right colour in the right place can help with this.

Added to these elements could be training, governance tips, health checks, licencing advice and administration techniques. Codestone Power BI support packages are the right way to help you transition to using Power BI as your new business intelligence tool.

Get in touch with us to learn how we can help you.

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