Microsoft and SAP ByD

SAP Business ByDesign releases bring valuable enhancements

SAP’s programme of continuous improvement continues, and we are pleased to announce two new quarterly releases in August and November 2021. These updates bring closer integration between SAP Business ByDesign and Microsoft Teams and deliver additional intelligent automation features which reduce manual effort, associated costs and possible errors.

Microsoft and SAP

SAP’s release in August 2021 included enhancements to the integration of Business ByDesign and MS Teams, including:

  • Providing notifications on sales and marketing staff mobile devices alerting them if contacts are assigned to them or if their status changes, ensuring they instantly have the information they need.
  • Allowing business users to add Business ByDesign work centre views and specific instances in MS Teams without having to sign in separately, increasing efficiency in your workflows.

The intelligent automation features of Business ByDesign have also been improved to automate repetitive manual tasks, bringing down costs and reducing the possibility of errors:

  • Users can now automatically extract and store purchase orders on a file share system as well as automatically uploading them to SAP Business ByDesign.
  • Automation of stock transfer is improved, using an XLS template detailing distribution requirements which is then automatically picked up and sent to Business ByDesign.

The latest release 21.11, available now for Business ByDesign customers, gives you access to the full power of intelligent automation for your business. Intelligent robotic processes are now embedded in the product, with free licenses for their use. These bots are fully customisable, allowing you to develop and run your own automation scenarios. Six best practice templates are provided in the upgrade, to automate processes and allow your employees to focus on more business-relevant tasks. The best practice templates include:

  • Business document extraction from emails
  • Proof of delivery note upload in outbound delivery and invoices
  • Scheduled report refreshes
  • Supplier invoice upload for intelligent invoice scanning
  • Sales order creation from local purchase orders
  • Account master data enrichment for document information extraction

SAP’s continuous improvement programme, and regular upgrades ensure your business remains competitive and keeps you ahead of the competition.

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