SAP Business One maintaining authors’ revenue streams during COVID-19 Crisis

Codestone has helped to keep the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS) up and running, despite the challenges to traditional ways of working imposed by the COVID-19 crisis. Authors across the world have continued to benefit from regular payments for use of their works.


With Codestone’s hosted solution, incorporating SAP Business One, and Business Process Automation (BPA), ALCS has been able to operate with staff working from home. However, its development roadmap requires them to continue deployment of upgrades necessary to support its complex business model.

In response, Codestone transitioned seamlessly to a remote working model, providing continued support and development activities without any interruption or reduction in service levels.

“We value the long-term relationship we have with Codestone and we benefit from Codestone’s ability to deliver and support our end-to-end business systems. We have all had to adapt to the COVID-19 restrictions, and Codestone has transitioned to new ways of working without major impact to the level of service they have always provided.”

Robert Yarwood, Systems Manager at ALCS

Read the full case study here

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