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Use SAP Business ByDesign from Microsoft Teams in New Update!

Taking Collaboration to the next level with SAP Business ByDesign Extension for Microsoft Teams.

As the last year has demonstrated, organisational agility is a priority for businesses. The world is moving towards a digitised way of working, and collaboration remains critical to productivity, adaptability, and staying competitive.

However, working remotely presents many challenges to team work, including departmental silos, lower engagement, miscommunication, and other obstacles to successful project delivery.

SAP and Microsoft have recognised this which is why they’ve worked together to break down these barriers to teamwork. To simplify the remote working process, they are launching an embedded in-app integration of SAP Business ByDesign with Microsoft Teams.

SAP Business ByDesign for Microsoft Teams is a new embedded in-app integration, which enables users to access their SAP BYD system directly from Microsoft Teams.

Using the app, you’ll be able to collaborate, and manage work easily, without the frustration of changing between systems. This means less time wasting, greater efficiency, stronger team work, and increased productivity.

From Microsoft Teams, you’ll be able to:

  • Consume any data you need, and drill down into the details straight from the app,
  • Take action directly,
  • Instantly create meetings, allowing frictionless teamwork
  • Look into particular customers or projects more deeply.
  • Work with clients live in real time.
  • Work seamlessly with team members in different regions.
  • Take advantage of instant messaging allowing for quick and efficient communication,
  • Engage in a flow of conversation more than just e-mail chains.

This means that you’ll have all the content you need – no menus, no navigation – just the KPIs relevant to you.

You’ll be able to share content, chat with team mates, organise meetings seamlessly, simplifying and breaking down barriers to communication. Real time data allows you to update team members and ensure transparency to your clients.

“This level of innovation and collaboration is exactly what organisations need in terms of insights and collaborative reporting”, Pablo Castagnini, Head of Digital Transformation

We and our customers are delighted by this very important update. SAP and Microsoft have recognised the growing demand for stronger collaboration across departments who are working on the same project, remotely or otherwise. This brings us all a step closer towards the frictionless enterprise.

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