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Moving from traditional on-premise infrastructure to cloud based services

We’re getting a lot of queries around the benefits/costs/complexity of moving from traditional local server to more Cloud based service delivery so I thought it’d be worth clarifying in a post. With so many options around Cloud, licensing, SaaS, Security, bandwidth, backups etc… it can all seem a bit daunting especially when everyone is trying to run a business.

Cloud-in-a-Box is one response to this.


What is Cloud-in-a-Box?

Cloud-in-a-Box (or CIAB) is a Codestone service designed to simplify the process of moving from traditional on-premise infrastructure to cloud based services. It’s a toolkit of services including Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium delivering local or online Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) as well as the cloud based email using Exchange online. Migration of email from your local server (or cloud provider) is included so you can access historic as well as new email from any device.

CIAB uses locally mapped drives or an app on IOS/Android to allow users access to their Cloud based files and folders in a familiar looking, but more flexible way. Files are backed up for resilience with role policies controlling who can see what. Essentially controlled corporate file access without the local server headache.

Many companies have a local application that they can’t live without (bespoke, finance, timesheet etc…) and that stops them moving fully off-prem to Cloud. CIAB includes a service (CloudApp) that takes local applications and delivers them to all relevant users on any device from the Cloud.

A very small local device is retained at the main site to manage local print services, end user desktop administration and antivirus management reducing the local skills requirement and admin overhead. Remote and branch users connect straight to each service removing the Head Office as a single point of congestion/failure.

Support of the platform and all the end users is provided 24/7 via the UK based helpdesk ensuring maximum ‘output per £’.

No upfront costs and a simple monthly per user fee makes CIAB affordable and scalable.

There’s an explainer video and more info on our web page Or you can email me [email protected] today.

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