Holistic Protection Against Cyber Threats

We future proof your technology infrastructure and help you maintain the highest levels of cybersecurity.

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    A comprehensive set of security products and services

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    Designed to address various aspects of cybersecurity including network security, endpoint protection and data security

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    CyberSure is backed by qualified experts

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    Proven partnerships and industry-leading technology

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    Total peace of mind that you are protected

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    Prepare for cyber-attacks with robust defence strategies


Welcome to CyberSure, an unparalleled portfolio of robust cybersecurity products and services carefully designed to protect your digital assets and strengthen your organisation’s defences.



CyberSure arms organisations with a comprehensive shield, ensuring holistic protection against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. With a commitment to excellence, CyberSure brings together cutting-edge technology, industry expertise, and proven methodologies to safeguard your digital assets and fortify your defences.

The State of
Cybersecurity Today

  • 50% of all UK businesses have a basic Cyber Security skills gap.

  • Estimated shortfall of 11,200 people to meet the demand of the Cyber workforce.

  • The global average total cost of a breach rose by 1.9% with an 8.1% jump in the UK.

  • Phishing/Business Email Compromise continues to be the most common breach vector – and the most costly with 91% of attacks involving email.

  • 19% of all breaches came from supply chain breaches, taking on average 26 days to identify and contain.

  • Ransomware breaches took 237 days to identify and a further 89 days to contain.

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    The Solution

    CyberSure to Suit All of Your Needs

    CyberSure Suite

    A suite of Security Professional Services like Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Scanning designed to enhance the security of your organisation.

    CyberSure Managed SOC

    A 24x7x365 managed SOC Security Service which harnesses the power of industry-leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology to help keep your entire organisation secure.

    CyberSure for SAP

    A standalone mini-SOC which provides a 24x7x365 managed security service for your SAP ERP, provided by Codestone as the #1 SAP experts in EMEA. Works independently from existing SOC or Security Services.

    CyberSure for SaaS

    A standalone mini-SOCI which provides a 24x7x365 Managed Security Service focused on protecting your SaaS applications. Works independently from any existing SOC or other Security Services.

    from Codestone

    CyberSure is a portfolio of Security products and services, jointly delivered by Codestone and its strategic security partners, to provide your organisation with holistic protection against cyber threats.

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