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The only Analytics solution that brings together Business Intelligence, Planning, and Predictive Intelligence in the Cloud.
  • ico/stats Analyse, Plan and Predict all in one fully Cloud platform
  • ico/stats Low cost with fast return on investment
  • ico/stats Automatic updates and roadmap
  • ico/stats Fully secure
  • ico/stats Integrates with Microsoft Office
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What is
SAP Analytics Cloud?

SAP Analytics Cloud is a fully cloud dashboarding and reporting tool. It is the only analytics solution that brings together Business Intelligence, Planning, and Predictive Intelligence in the Cloud. The tool is for organisations of all sizes and industries.


SAP Analytics Cloud is a
fully cloud dashboarding and reporting tool

  • Browser-based access
  • Beautiful dashboards including IBCS/Hichert
  • Interactive analysis & Smart assistants
  • Comprehensive planning capabilities
  • Predictive for the business
  • Powerful and live integration with SAP; e.g., SAP BW/4Hana
  • Business content for LoBs and Industries
  • Connect with Microsoft Office


SAP Analytics Cloud

Management Reporting

SAP Analytics Cloud builds reports, with data coming from all over, capturing insights in real-time from your business activities, budget forecasting data, and even massive datasets.

  • Break down silos
  • Get insights fast
  • Mobile access
  • Real time analytics and data
  • Data visualisation

Experience collaborative enterprise planning at its best. No more silos. No more endless consolidation efforts. Leverage SAP’s end-to-end solution with powerful features to unite your organization with SAP Analytics Cloud for planning.

Make end-to-end decisions with confidence, in one single workflow from planning to insights. Drive better business outcomes and gain full alignment across all business areas with extended planning and analysis in SAP Analytics Cloud.

Streamline your process with predictive analytics workflow, what-if scenarios, value driver trees, allocations, and advanced calculations.

  • Annual Budgeting
  • Sales / revenue planning
  • Capital expenditure planning
  • Headcount / staffing
  • Expense planning
  • Cash flow planning
  • Planning is for all- i.e. HR, Marketing, Supply Chain, Manufacturing,
  • Sales – not just Finance
Predictive Analytics

Analytics leverage data that is managed, mined, cleansed, and transformed, to anticipate trends and outcomes. Analytics looks forward,
using data mining, modelling, and machine learning to answer the ‘why’ – to make more accurate predictions about the future.

Analytics leverage these insights to support businesses in anticipating and predicting trends and outcomes, steering organisations to make better decisions, stay competitive, and become more agile.

  • Predictive & Conversational Analytics
  • Data Story-telling and Autogenerated Visual exploration
  • Statistical Modelling and Data mining
  • Contextualise Insights – ‘Why Insights’
  • Data Alerts
Business Intelligence

Business intelligence and augmented analytics capabilities help you to evaluate and predict business outcomes. Now you can reduce uncertainty and confidently drive insight beyond human bias in one simple cloud solution.

Automatically receive strategic insights with SAP Analytics Cloud’s embedded machine learning technology–helping you go from insight to action in a fraction of the time. Avoid agenda-driven decision making by unveiling the true story of what is driving your business.

Answer business questions with easy, self-service business intelligence capabilities. Interactively work with your information and gather meaningful insights.

  • Key Performance measurement & Analysis
  • Data Visualisations & Dashboards
  • Interactive & Collaborative Reporting
  • Data Blending
  • Mobility and Decision making platform
  • Better decision-making
  • Create performance benchmarks
  • Spot market trends
  • Improve compliance

Get Greater Control of Your Financial Close with Clarivos’ own INSIGHTS for Planning & Consolidation. The only Consolidation solution on the market that integrates with SAP Analytics Cloud for full Consolidation functionality!

Perform complex consolidations, create regulatory reports and store all data to be faster, more accurate and compliant. Collect, audit and store all financial data and gain deeper insights into your financial performance with feature-rich management reporting. Gain visibility into the progress of tasks by user and region.

  • Reduce time to close
  • Break down silos
  • Intercompany matching / reconciliation
  • Intercompany eliminations
  • Management consolidation and reporting
  • Legal / statutory consolidation
  • Data mapping / submission
Learn more about Clarivos’ INSIGHTS solution

Strengthen your business’s future performance with forecasting and future outcomes.

  • Rolling forecasts
  • Integrated financial statement modeling
  • P&L
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash flow
  • Scenario modelling
Financial Reporting and Analytics

Better insights lead to better outcomes. Improve financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting with one trusted source of information.

  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Variance analysis
  • Driver analysis (industry, growth, capacity, etc.)
  • Root cause analysis
Extended Planning and Analysis

SAP Analytics Cloud is not a FP&A tool. It breaks down silos and extends planning beyond the realms of finance It is a highly versatile and flexible dashboarding and reporting tool. With SAP Analytics Cloud, planning is for everyone, with use cases in:

  • Finance
  • Operational
  • Sales
  • Supply Chain, including demand, inventory, supply,
  • Capital Expenditure
  • HR
  • Revenue Planning
  • Cost Planning
  • Financial Statement (P&L, balance sheet, cash flow)
  • Liquidity Management

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