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A Codestone IT Managed Services Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of an organisation’s IT infrastructure, processes, and services to ensure optimal performance, security and efficiency. The ITMS Assessment helps identify areas for improvement and opportunities for enhancing the overall IT management strategy.  

The IT Managed Services Assessment typically covers a range of topics such as:

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    Current Platform Review

    Understand the current platform, user base, hardware infrastructure, Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, Microsoft 365, policies, licensing and related elements.

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    Stakeholder Involvement

    Engage in discussions with key stakeholders and users, ensuring representation from a diverse and relevant sample.

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    Service Ticket Review

    Review existing service tickets, whether originating internally or from third-party sources, as an integral aspect of the Assessment.

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    Change Management Processes

    Assessment of change management processes and change request procedures, impact analysis and communication strategies.

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    Top Recurring Issues

    Identification of a range of issues that consistently surface and require attention such as system performance, security vulnerabilities, user experience, compliance concerns and any persistent trends affecting the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the managed service.

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    Future Organisation Plans

    Upcoming initiatives such as office relocation, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system changes, and organisational growth, within the framework of an IT Managed Services Assessment.

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    SLA Alignment

    An examination of the requirements for coverage and Service Level Agreements (SLAs). This involves assessing the extent of support and services needed across various IT domains and ensuring that SLAs are aligned with the organisation's objectives and expectations.

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    What Works?

    An evaluation is carried out to understand the elements that are effective and those that fall short of expectations.

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    Key Concerns

    By identifying and addressing the key concerns, the aim is to provide recommendations to enhance the overall performance, security, and efficiency of the IT infrastructure.

The Assessment entails a half-day client engagement, delving into your organisation’s IT landscape, followed by another half-day dedicated to producing your personalised report, highlighting the findings, recommendations, and a roadmap for getting the most out of your Managed Services provider. 

  • Summary of findings and areas for improvement.  
  • Prioritised recommendations for enhancements such as:  
    • IT Support for End Users (common faults, password resets, lost files, system errors, connectivity issues)  
    • Support of IT Systems (Microsoft 365, Azure, SAP Business One, SaaS)  
    • Support of IT Assets (Servers, hardware, Wifi, Firewalls)  
    • Proactive monitoring of the platform and assets for failures and alerts  
    • Proactive patching of key systems to ensure appropriate security  
    • Add/remove user process  
    • 24/7 ‘removal of user’ access  
    • 3rd party Vendor management  
    • Ongoing Security reviews 
  • Development of a strategic roadmap for IT management improvements.  
  • Estimated costs and resource requirements for implementation. 
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