Codestone Team Member Referral Rewards Programme Give to Receive

There’s no stronger endorsement than a personal recommendation, and who knows Codestone and our customers best… our team members! And a business win is great for the entire organisation… especially for the individual who referred that business opportunity!

Amazon Gift Card

Prizes to be won

Got to be in it
To win it

Got a prospect in mind? Another organisation who could do with a bit of Codestone magic? Or spotted a cross sell opportunity at an existing customer (new LoB)? Send them our way, and once the first business meeting with your referee takes place, you’ll receive a £50 Amazon voucher or a Fortnum & Mason hamper – your choice! And we won’t stop there! For Net New Name referrals only, any subsequent business won, we’re offering a hard cash reward of 2.5% of the year one signed contract value.

The Codestone Employee Referral Rewards Programme is open to all full-time employees (excluding Sales and Marketing employees).

How to Make
Your Referral

The process is simple, if you know an organisation you think we should be talking to, then please follow the steps below:

  • register

    Register your referral

  • medal

    When this is converted into a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL), you will receive a Fortnum & Mason hamper or £50 Amazon voucher – your choice!

  • crown
    Win More

    For net new name (NNN) customers only, when your referral turns into business, you will receive a cash reward to the sum of 2.5% of the first year signed contract value.

What’s in it for you?

For new customers, when your referral turns into business, you’ll receive
a cash reward to the sum of 2.5% of the signed contract value for the first year.

Let’s give you an example of how you can win by making a referral: Mary is an employee of Codestone. She has an acquaintance in another organisation who is looking for an ERP solution along with the appropriate infrastructure. Mary logs a referral on Codestone’s website (see below form), and once this has been qualified by a Codestone sales team member and the first business meeting takes place, Mary receives a £50 Fortnum & Mason hamper or £50 Amazon gift voucher – her choice. If Codestone goes on to win the referred business, as a thank you, she’ll receive a referral fee to the value of 2.5% of the first-year contract value. She then uses this money to buy a holiday of a lifetime!

A. Qualified business meeting =

Fortnum & Mason hamper or £50 Amazon voucher

B. Transacted business @ 2.5% =

£50,000 project = £1,250

£100,000 Project = £2,500

£500,000 project = £12,500

Start right

Whether you are referring an acquaintance or a client, we offer a big thank you! Just think, a £200,000 Year 1 project could be worth £5,000 to you.

    Organisation you are referring:

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