Fundamentally, we are all about people.

We are the leading a digital transformation delivery partner in the UK, but, fundamentally, we are all about people. In everything we do, we strive to bring out the best in everyone. This applies to our customers, our people, and the people we connect with in our wider community.

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This is Us

  • Where

    Our employees live in 100 cities

  • calendar
    2,506 Years

    Our combined employee tenure is 2,506 years

  • home

    Over 75% of our employees work from home

  • Support

    Our employees speak 37 languages

  • sun

    40% of our employees were born between June – August

  • pet

    42% of our employees have pets

  • location

    50.7401° N is the latitude of our UK headquarters

  • Odds

    We have 6 James’ employed

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Who We Are

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Working at Codestone:
The 3 Unofficial Rules

Codestone Staff

Be Yourself

We recruit not only on skills and experience, but also on character and integrity. Knowledge and aptitude are important, of course, but we can help you develop them.

Character and integrity are much harder to teach. So, make sure you bring your best self to work, and the sky will be your limit.

Codefest music festivities

Have Fun

To fulfil your potential, you need to enjoy what you do. At Codestone, we make it a point to create an environment where you can enjoy and express yourself at work. In our open and collaborative style, inspiration and innovation is open to and welcomed from anyone.

We also know that it is hugely important to let your hair down. From regular team and organisation get-togethers to our annual Codefest music festival – yes, we said music festival! – our staff gets to relax, know each other better, have a laugh together and become inspired to achieve fantastic results together.

Carbon neutral

Do Your Part

We have worked hard to be “carbon neutral” since 2020. Our recent work has led us to conclude that this is an area where we’re far better served by humility than pride. And we believe this is true not only for ourselves, but for every business, organisation, and person on the planet.

Like most carbon-neutral companies, Codestone has achieved carbon neutrality primarily by investing in offsets that avoid emissions instead of removing carbon that has already been emitted. That’s why we’re shifting our focus and looking at ways each of us can do our part. In short, neutral is not enough to address the world’s needs.

All Codefest proceeds go directly to our charities.

Our Values

Inspire, Transform, Achieve

We believe that every individual can achieve their full potential in life. In everything we do, we strive to bring out the best in everyone. This applies to our customers, our people and the people we connect with in our wider community.

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Great Workplace

for Our People

We support The Turing Trust with their vision of a world with technology-enabled education for all. Their mission is to empower disadvantaged communities using IT-enabled learning. To support this mission, Codestone regularly donate computer equipment to this worthy cause.

The game-changing companies of today are those that prioritise their people. The Culture 100 Awards spotlight these forward-thinkers that redefine what it means to be a “People First” organisation. Codestone Group is proud to announce it has been recognised by the Culture 100 Awards 2024 as a company demonstrating a long-term commitment to providing a positive and thriving workplace culture where employees are put first, can excel and achieve greatness.

We are focused on end-to-end value creation for all customers in all sectors and geographies who are trying to answer the question of how to do more with technology while staying secure. From the Digital Strategy, Edge computing, mission critical infrastructure and all processes that run any modern business, we guide organisations through this increasingly complex landscape. We unlock innovation and free up budget for our customers to reinvest.

Darryl Sackett

CEO, Codestone

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