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Predictive Intelligence

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At a Glance

What is
BI & Analytics?

Boost financial performance and predict the future with Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics:

  • An out-of-box predictive solution that embeds libraries of algorithms to learn from your organization’s data
  • One-click predictions based on habits, trends and historical information
  • Advanced machine learnt correlations and AI to impact your business’ future
  • Intuitive dashboards with illustrated predictions, optimised budgets and plans

Rank your core business drivers and incorporate new data into your models. Map out scenarios in real time for the best financial results.

Become an empowered strategic planner and leverage endless what-if simulations to make better decisions faster, and more accurately.

BI & Analytics


  • Turn Data into Intelligence

    Gain real time insights and explore data with self-service dashboards, reports and artificial intelligence. Connect live to your data source and blend data across multiple sources.‍

  • Discover Insights

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning reveal the unknowns and patterns in your business to drive faster, more accurate and confident decision making.

  • ‍Make Accurate Forecasts

    Leverage machine learning capabilities for forecast results such as future sales but also predict the likelihood of business outcomes.

  • ‍Instant Predictive Plans

    Predictive Intelligence feeds pre-built predictive models with granular financial, operational and external data to instantly create and show you ‘what’ your future holds on current trajectory.

  • Explainable Predictions for Better Decisions

    Make data-driven decisions – faster. By making intelligent correlations between financial, operational, and external data, Predictive Intelligence predicts what is next for your performance and what is driving those results, while giving you the planning power to improve results.‍

  • Boost your Decision-making Power 

    Predictive Intelligence boosts your human intelligence with granular details and actionable insights – guiding you to make the right adjustments and make the right decisions.‍

  • True Machine Learning

    Embedded machine learning ensures our models are automatically trained using the entire universe of your organization’s internal and external data. You can also train sub-models based on specified periods of data.‍

  • Smarter Decisions

    Understand how to improve outcomes. With precise projections and intelligence to incorporate new data in your plans, you are empowered with the actionable insight to run simulations to make better decisions. ‍

  • What-if Simulations

    Our predictive technology now underlies what-if simulations, empowering more accurate scenario models to base results on in-depth data correlations. ‍

  • Driver-based Predictive Plans

    Embedded machine learning illuminates underlying drivers that are not visible to the human eye. Once identified you can adjust business drivers to see the full impact on operational plans and financial statements. With knowledge gained, perform what-if analysis and simulate options as often as you need to optimise your plans and your results. ‍

  • Intuitive Dashboard

    Our dynamic dashboards and advanced visualizations enable you to quickly illustrate predictions and aesthetically highlight optimized budgets and plans.

  • Self-service Analytics

    All reporting and analysis tools are built for intuitive self-service. You are empowered to elevate your processes with easy access to the tools and intelligence you need.

  • See What the Future will be in One Click 

    Our out-of-box predictive solution embeds machine learning technology to boost our budgeting, planning, and forecasting solution with predictive models. As these predictive models learn from your organization’s historical and incoming data, they instantly make predictions based on underlying habits, trends, and correlations.‍

  • Start Predictive Planning Today

    By feeding available historical, financial, and operational data into the predictive model, you will instantly get a boost in accuracy and increase data volume over time. Take a step by-step approach to improve your budgets, plans and forecasts across the organization. Bonus! If you have already created predictive models, simply upload them to further boost your predictive plans.‍

  • Be Agile through Changing Conditions

    When conditions change, you need to know the impact across your plans. When targets change, you need to map out how to get there. Our embedded machine learning trains on your historical data to understand your patterns, rank your business drivers and instantly incorporates the new data into your models. With simulation tools, you can predict future results based on real-time information and map out the path to new goals.

Our Approach


Certified and accredited
to help you enable the best solution

The current commercial environment is always changing. Whether it is down to technology, global events, competition, market shifts, and more, businesses must plan through uncertainty. Finance and operations struggle to produce timely recommendations with agility and accuracy in forecasts.

There is no enterprise crystal ball. Plans lack data robustness and insights into performance become disconnected. The Office of Finance provides strategic guidance, more often, and in detail. Without the right technology, they cannot consider all business variables and company-wide performance.

Codestone has a number of BI and Analytics technologies that will support planning, decision-making, and future-readiness.

Project Services

Experience and agile
to ensure project success

You should choose Codestone as your implementation partner for three reasons:

  1. Our best practice solutions come out of the box and can be implemented in as little as 10 weeks.
  2. Our multiple award-winning team also has decades’ experience across sectors, with proven client success stories.
  3. Our client engagement methodology empowers customers to become self-sufficient, so they get the most out of their investment.
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Support Services

Supporting you
all the way

Codestone has a great deal of experience across multiple industry sectors, delivering rapid projects alongside complex international rollouts. Our successful implementation methodology and systematic approach ensures end-to-end project success.

After go-live we offer 24x7x365 SAP, Microsoft, CCH Tagetik, and IT infrastructure support, plus the industry’s broadest Cloud IT and Managed Services portfolios, to ensure you are always up and running and importantly, future-proofed.

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