ERP software for professional services

An insightful and agile business management system can help you achieve exceptional results by driving every aspect of your end-to-end process towards increased performance, efficiency and profit.

At Codestone, we specialise in delivering Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to all kinds of professional service providers, from accountants to engineers.


How can ERP software benefit professional services?

SAP Business ByDesign
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Customisable and fully scalable ERP software, SAP Business ByDesign, is built to support each element of professional service delivery and maximise their efficacy.

Combined with Codestone’s understanding of the intricacies of professional service provision, a dynamic ERP platform is the catalyst to drive your business forward.

  • Propel growth based on a single source of business intelligence
  • Achieve complete project visibility from strategy and implementation to reporting
  • Drill down into the customer journey and optimise each stage
  • Reach your business objectives by boosting the profitability of your projects
  • Gain actionable business intelligence and refine your services


Our eBook that outlines the unique value we offer as your SAP Business ByDesign partner.

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Streamline every function of your professional service

Key features of a robust yet flexible cloud-based ERP for professional service businesses, available on-premises and on any connected mobile device.


SAP Business ByDesign uses one source of centralised data to inform your professional service business plans and allows you to make quick adjustments as deliverables change.

  • Merge financial, operational and customer data
  • Adapt plans easily without costly IT support
  • Set up and track KPIs


Create and manage all your professional service projects in SAP Business ByDesign. Streamline your project set up, execution and evaluation phases.

  • Maximise productivity with easy collaboration
  • Achieve more efficient project delivery
  • Reduce project expense for improved profitability


SAP Business ByDesign gets under the bonnet of your customer interactions to increase engagement and brand loyalty.

  • Create highly-targeted sales and marketing campaigns
  • Identify key components of client value and integrate them into delivery
  • Enhance account management with intelligent sales automation


Boost revenue by enabling SAP Business ByDesign to make time and cost-effective savings across your entire procurement portfolio.

  • Negotiate better rates and supplier contracts
  • Simplify purchasing processes for increased buying power
  • Minimise workload with self-service procurement capabilities


With detailed analytics built into every module, SAP Business ByDesign provides an accurate and up-to-the-minute picture of your business performance.

  • Generate dashboards from a unified data source
  • Extract meaningful insight from real-time reports
  • Make positive, evidence-based decisions

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Deploy an ERP solution such as SAP Business ByDesign with Codestone and achieve all this and more for your professional service business.


Unlock new levels of productivity and profitability thanks to refined working practices and project management.


Gain control by retiring your business silos and seamlessly combining every area of your business.


Remove the need for multiple data sources and access real-time business insight from anywhere at any time.

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