SAP Manufacturing Software

Whether you manufacture to stock or manufacture to order, your challenge is to produce customised products at mass manufacturing efficiencies.

Your growth is dependent on your ability to drive every last piece of efficiency out of your operation: procuring source materials, streamlining manufacturing processes and aligning supply and demand to ensure lean inventory levels.

At Codestone we combine our expertise in SAP Manufacturing Software and SAP Business One with an abundance of experience in helping manufacturing businesses to address the issues that restrict your growth and to integrate and control every aspect of your business.


It’s good to know you’ve got a partner you can trust and rely on. Codestone implemented exactly what we needed, and they did it on time and within budget.

Keith Bilham
Financial Director, Plascoat Systems


With SAP Business One we enable you to connect every aspect of your manufacturing business from sales and order management, through procurement of source material, manufacturing and distribution. We enable you to align supply with demand and put you back in control of your operation.


SAP Business One enables you to fully link your customer relationship management and sales orders into your production processes. Whether you make to order or make to stock, this enables you to more accurately align supply with demand and streamline the flow of order to cash.


SAP Business One provides you with unprecedented insight into every step of your manufacturing process from procurement of raw materials through to manufacturing and packaging. This enables you to control input costs, streamline steps in manufacturing and maximise your return on plant and machinery.


By providing you with real-time visibility of stock, SAP Business One enables you to reduce stock levels while ensuring that you are able to fulfil customer orders in a timely manner. By connecting the complete supply chain with one system you are able to drive greater efficiencies across procurement, manufacturing and distribution.


With SAP Business One, you gain a holistic view of your complete manufacturing operation. You are able to see trends in customer buying, analyse the efficiency of manufacturing and distribution and identify which elements of your business are producing the greatest levels of return and which areas need attention.


Our eBook on the capabilities of SAP Business One and the value that it can deliver for your business.

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SAP Manufacturing Software enables you to improve every area of your business.


With full control from procurement to finished products, you reduce the time to fulfil orders and more importantly, ensure lean inventory levels.


With insight from plant floor to delivery, you are able to identify inefficiencies and improve the utilisation and return on investment from plant and machinery.


By understanding customer demands and every aspect of your manufacturing process, you are able to scale and profitably grow your business.

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