CCH Tagetik

Integrate Finance and Enterprise Performance Management with CCH® Tagetik.
  • ico/stats Strategic Partner since 2008
  • ico/stats Certified Platinum Systems Implementor
  • ico/stats Country Awards Winner
  • ico/stats 12 Years of Successful Project Delivery
  • ico/stats 150+ CCH Tagetik Projects
  • ico/stats Leading AIH practitioners

At a Glance

What is
CCH Tagetik?

CCH Tagetik is a Cloud platform that integrates Finance and Enterprise Performance Management.

CCH Tagetik is highly adaptable, and it connects seamlessly with existing databases, such as SAP HANA, Excel or QuickBooks, and other applications, fitting into any business or IT environment.

Traditionally, companies executed financial enterprise performance management with a multi-system approach that involved different strategies, hardware, with rudimentary integration. Now, CCH Tagetik delivers a single, unified financial analysis platform that leads to better reporting, better insights, and better decision-making.


  • All-rounder focus, from SME to Large Enterprise
    We have more than 15 years of experience delivering successful CCH Tagetik projects to clients across the world. We work with the Office of the CFO in some of the leading FTSE 250 companies in the world. We do not just implement systems, but we understand process, change, and the nuances required for the Office of the CFO to be successful.
  • Certified Platinum Systems Integrator + Certified Accountants
    We have been recognised for our achievements and are a Certified Platinum partner and Country Awards winner, with qualified CCH Tagetik developers, accountants & Business Intelligence experts. More so, all our consultants are certified Accountants (or training to be so).
  • Tried-and-Tested Project Methodology and Best Practices
    We have delivered 150+ projects across CCH Tagetik Consolidation and Budgeting/ Planning Projects, including IFRS 16 and IFRS17 engagements. The combination of lessons learned, best practices and robust project methodology ensures project success. Our 98% project success rate is testament to this.
  • Change Management and Continuous Value Realisation
    Beyond systems implementation, we ensure maximum adoption and continuous consumption value through our Change Management for CCH Tagetik offering. In addition, we offer Prospect Workshops, Health Checks and Clinics, and Customer Communities.
  • Solution Roadmap Influencer
    As the first CCH Tagetik UK partner with a demonstratable track record, we contribute to the continuing solution development and optimisation to ensure that our customers’ needs of today and tomorrow are heard and roadmapped into the solution.


    Faster and better-informed decisions
    with CCH Tagetik

    • Integrated Finance
      A single data repository. Integrate corporate data into a single solution. Unify plans, forecasts, disclosure, reports, and analysis.
    • Empower Finance Teams
      The latest in Cloud, in-memory databases, and mobile tech. Break down large datasets and complex processes to get you the insights you need fast.
    • Built for Finance
      Armed with financial intelligence. In-built double-entry capability. Currency translation. Compliance functionalities, and more. Reduce risk, shorten consolidation & close, and improve decision-making.
    • Optimise Finance Strategy
      Align finance with business operations. Compare different processes, models, and scenarios. Improve collaboration with stakeholders. Link business decisions directly with financial outcomes.
    • Smart Self-Service
      Easy to learn and easy to use. CCH Tagetik has a simple and intuitive interface. Dashboards, reporting tools, and visualisations, empower employees with confidence.
    • A Cloud Solution
      CCH Tagetik is a multi-tenant Cloud solution. Users enjoy full functionality, security, scalability, and compliance. Rest easy, knowing your corporate data is safe and secure in a platform that you will never outgrow.
    • Get a Full View
      Integrate with existing systems, such as ERP, CRM, BI and more. Turn corporate data into actionable insights. Lead with better and more accurate strategic decision making.
    • Promoting Accountability
      Detailed audit trails improve traceability, governance, and compliance.

    IFRS 16 Lease Accounting

    CCH Tagetik Lease Accounting is a pre-configured starter kit,
    formulated for IFRS 16.

    • Simpler Calculation
      Pre-configured data and lease calculation models make compliance easy. CCH Tagetik makes it simple to input lease information, assets, and more. Exemptions are listed and adjusted for IFRS 16. Financial information can be visualised to show impact on the balance sheet in different scenarios empowering decision-making.
    • data
      Lease Data
      CCH Tagetik creates a data library dedicated to IFRS 16 and other reporting requirements. A single source of truth lets you calculate, report, and disclose accurately with reduced risk. Integration with Qlik Sense and Microsoft BI solutions get you the insights you need. Confidence in numbers empowers planning.
    • Out-of-the-box
      CCH Tagetik IFRS 16 comes compliant and ready to get value. Preconfigured calculations, workflow, modelling tools, let you easily manage varied lease types. Calculate right of use assets, and liabilities. Calculate depreciation and interest expenses.
    • Seamless Integration
      Import and export data from any source. CCH Tagetik integrates with all systems, like CCH Tagetik CPM and non-CCH Tagetik systems, minimising disruption, and driving success.
    • graph
      Modelling and Calculation Engine
      With CCH Tagetik’s calculation engine and the power of analytics, you can process and calculate large volumes of data quickly. Flexible modelling allows you to easily configure and maintain calculation logic and rules with a Finance-friendly interface to stay compliant.
    • Disclosure and Reporting
      Data is consistent, easy to analyse, and report while complying to IFRS 16 disclosure rules. Extract financial statements, board books, regulatory submissions without delay. Rest easy knowing numbers are accurate and auditable.

      Consolidation &

      • Security
        Reduce Risk
        Increase security and achieve greater control over your organisation, business information, and operations
      • Get more valuable insights
        Benefit from a straightforward enterprise-wide consolidation & close process.
      • 24/7
        Save time
        Automation means less time doing data entry, elimination, and consolidation. More time driving better decisions and strategy.
      • Become Agile
        Real time data lets you predict, adapt quickly and easily to new challenges and changes to company structures.
      • Stay Compliant
        Clear and detailed audit trails spanning the entire organisation means transparency, traceability, and accountability.
      • Finance
        Take Control
        Standardise information and provide a single source of truth for your organisation. Ensure consistency across consolidation and close.

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      It's probably worth it.

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