SAP Business ByDesign drives growth at bespoke automotive model maker

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The Client

Amalgam Collection

Founded in 1985, Amalgam Collection produce unparalleled large-scale models of performance cars for collectors and enthusiasts around the world that provide automotive inspiration for the home or workplace. The level of accuracy, precision and excellence achieved raises the finished replica to a level far beyond anything previously created and captures the style and spirit of each car. With workshops in Bristol (UK), Dongguan (China) and Pécs (Hungary), Amalgam Collection has grown into a multi-national, multi-cultural operation supplying its prestigious clients in over 70 countries.

The Challenge

During 2019 it became apparent that Amalgam’s systems would not be able to cope much longer with the growing complexity and volume of the business. Amalgam began a search for an integrated cloud solution that would meet its requirements. “It was vital the chosen solution would support the Chinese language and operate across China’s international firewall, which limited the shortlist considerably” explains Nadia Price, Chief Financial Officer at Amalgam Collection.

SAP Business ByDesign was selected following detailed walkthroughs and demos that demonstrated its capabilities, in particular its ability to operate multiple financial entities and VAT registrations in one database, a key requirement for the company. As Amalgam had already been operating from several locations, running the selection process remotely during the pandemic was not a problem. A partner agency was engaged to ensure that requirements, gaps and functionality were clearly articulated and understood by both English and Chinese speaking users. As an experienced SAP partner, Codestone was selected to implement SAP Business ByDesign with across the Amalgam organisation.

It was vital the chosen solution would support the Chinese language and operate across China’s international firewall, which limited the shortlist considerably.

Nadia Price

Chief Financial Office, Amalgam Collection

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The Solution

The solution went live with SAP Business ByDesign cloud supporting all end-to-end finance operations including order to cash, procure to pay and finished goods stock control. The manufacturing module was activated later covering work orders, bills of materials, bills of operation and production models, all fully integrated with the finance operations. Training was cascaded down to around 70 users through key users, in both English for UK and Hungary users, and China-based staff in Chinese.

The benefits of have been significant, bringing discipline and clarity to Amalgam’s business.

Our China operation was particularly surprised by how much the system has helped them, particularly in tracking product parts and stock, with a clear picture of where all the components have ended up,” says Nadia. “This is particularly important for our limited-edition products which require detailed and accurate tracking to ensure exclusivity commitments are met.

Nadia Price

Chief Financial Officer, Amalgam Collection

Codestone assisted Amalgam to do a cost/benefit analysis of each area of the system as the planning and implementation progressed. “This analysis meant that we avoided potential costs to implement capabilities that wouldn’t deliver significant returns, such as the returns and repairs functionality,” continues Nadia.

The solution has changed behaviours across the organisation as it forces compliance with key processes such as spend approvals and supplier invoice/PO matching, ensuring essential data is captured, improving the accuracy of reporting and increasing clarity. Individual operating entities now understand better the requirements of different markets in terms of the paperwork required for exports and tax reporting.

SAP Business ByDesign helps us plan more efficiently across the 18 departments and reduces the complexity of how we are able to track and report on our financial performance.

Nadia Price

Chief Financial Officer, Amalgam Collection

Amalgam sells to a wide spectrum of customers from individual direct customers to automotive manufacturers and large retailers, each with their own processes which Amalgam needs to integrate with. SAP ByDesign has the flexibility to interact with customers and suppliers in the most efficient way.

One of the things we were looking for from the start was the ability to grow the system with the business and that has definitely been the case. We have the tools and the skills to be self-sufficient and build capabilities as we grow, for instance by implementing the CRM features to capture demand and opportunity to lead and quote pipeline.

Nadia Price

Chief Financial Officer, Amalgam Collection

As a global operation manufacturing in 3 countries and selling to over 70 countries, Amalgam’s tax compliance is complex. Nadia highlights, “SAP ByDesign has enabled us to significantly reduce the time taken to complete VAT returns for six registrations, and it is now much easier to add a new registration when we need to. It’s been a real game changer for us in finance in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, saving some 3-4 man days at each month end.”

Reporting is also vastly improved with visibility of the finances for all of Amalgam’s entities readily accessible, giving a corporate-wide view or a drill down to individual locations. “With real time dashboards our CEO has a real-time view of the business at his fingertips and has been known to refresh the data hourly as we approach month end!” says Nadia.

Discover the Benefits

  • settings

    End-to-end support for all Amalgam’s finance and manufacturing processes.

  • Data

    Detailed tracking of parts and processes at all stages of production at Amalgam.

  • tick

    Improved financial discipline through enforcement of purchasing approvals, invoice matching and export documentation production.

  • People

    Real savings of 3-4 man days at month end for tax reporting.

  • graph

    Improved decision-making support with real-time reporting and performance dashboards.

  • chart

    Future proofing for growth at Amalgam with scalable cloud capabilities.

Codestone has been with us all the way through our transformation journey, providing advice and guidance that has enabled us to maximise the benefits of SAP ByDesign and avoid unnecessary costs.

Nadia Price

Chief Financial Officer, Amalgam Collection

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