Concur Expense

A cloud-based solution for any size of business to automate your expenses, travel and invoicing processes

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    Capture, log and claim expenses in real-time from any location with the mobile app

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    Manage expenses and budgets effectively and speed up processing of claims

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    Save valuable time, money and resources by automating the entire invoice management process from capture to pay

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    Better forecast cash flow and identify additional supplier savings with powerful, easy-to-use business intelligence tools


At a Glance

What is
SAP Concur Expense?

SAP Concur connects all your expense, travel, and vendor invoice spending in one system, providing a single way to manage spending from end-to-end, gain greater visibility into transactions, improve compliance, and simplify the process for everyone.


SAP Concur

  • Mobile Capture

    Manage expenses in real-time with the mobile app, allowing expenses to be captured by employees instantly from any location.

  • Embedded Policies

    Configure settings to your business needs and easily build rules and policies to govern expense spending.

  • Single Data Source

    Integrate SAP Concur Expense with your HR, CRM, ERP and finance systems to provide a single, accurate source of information about spend across your organisation.

  • Maximise VAT Claims

    Use built-in rules and compliance policies to ensure adherence to tax requirements and maximise the claimable VAT from expense spend.

  • Reduce Manual Effort

    Automation and digital capture of expense receipts reduces manual effort and risk of errors from data entry.

  • Simple Implementation

    Cloud-based solution with mobile app reduces the need for in-house infrastructure and maintenance/upgrade effort.


    We help you achieve the benefits that
    SAP Concur Expense can deliver

    As the leading SAP Concur Expense partner in the UK and Ireland, we’ll help you streamline your expense processes, ensuring your business can take control of employee spend and ensure compliance with tax requirements and corporate policies.

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      Reduced Costs

      Reduced costs of processing expense claims by connecting expense data sources. Cut down on manual entry of expense details.

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      Improved Compliance

      Protect your reputation and increase compliance with embedded policies. Set thresholds for non-compliance alerts and quickly update policies when required.

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      Reduced Risk

      Mitigate risk by importing accurate data feeds from providers or credit card companies. Provide an accurate audit trail for tax compliance.

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      Simple Implementation

      Cloud-based, mobile solution requires minimal infrastructure set up. SAP takes care of maintenance and upgrades, reducing work for your IT department.

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      Consistent Rules

      Automated system applies rules consistently for all employees. Easily spot non-compliance or fraud.

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      Growth Ready

      Expand into new countries or currencies with confidence. SAP Concur Expense handles complex operating environments.

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      Integrated Solution

      Integrate SAP Concur Expense with your ERP solution. Provide a single, accurate source of information to speed up processes.

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      Increased Productivity

      Manage expenses on the move with the mobile app, including photographing receipts. Free up employee time for more productive tasks.

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      Better Visibility of Spend

      Easily see pending expense claims to analyse cash flow. Report on spending across departments by category to identify anomalies.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What our Clients commonly ask about
    SAP Concur

    • Which mobile solutions does SAP Concur offer?

      Concur offers three mobile solutions: the Concur mobile app, ExpenseIt®, and TripIt®.
      The Concur mobile app complements our Web-based solution, allowing you to manage anything expense and or travel-related, wherever you are, from booking and managing itineraries to capturing receipts and submitting expense reports.

      ExpenseIt is an app that turns receipts into expenses, automatically, and sends them directly into Concur Expense. It makes submitting receipts, creating expense reports and getting reimbursed quicker and easier by doing a lot of the work for you.

      TripIt is the travel organizing app that automatically creates a master itinerary for every trip so you can access all your travel plans, anytime, on any device.

    • Is SAP Concur secure?

      We know that our travel and expense management solution is an extension of your financial operations and so we proactively subject our solution to a number of globally recognised standards.
      The standards (audits) include:
      ISO 27001. The world standard for IT security management practices, Concur has been BS 7799 certified since 2004, and is one of the first 20 organisation in the whole of the United States (US) to be audited against the newer ISO 27001.
      ISO 20000. The world standard for IT Service Management practices. Concur is audited bi-annually.
      Concur is also ICAEW Accredited and HMRC compliant.

    • How do you access SAP Concur?

      SAP Concur can be accessed on a mobile app and a desktop application.

    • Who can use SAP Concur?

      SAP Concur can help put your business on the road to success by providing full visibility of how your company spends money on travel, expenses, and invoices. Whatever your business size, location or industry, SAP Concur can provide complete visibility of your cash flow across the aforementioned areas.

    • What is SAP Concur?

      SAP Concur is a global Software as a Service (SaaS) company, providing travel and expense management services to businesses.

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    Our successful implementation methodology and systematic approach ensures end-to-end project success. After go-live we offer 24x7x365 SAP and IT infrastructure support, plus the industry’s broadest Cloud IT and Managed Services portfolios, to ensure you are always up and running and importantly, future-proofed.

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