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Customer Success

Delve into this comprehensive hub, designed to empower you and your business’s evolution.

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Discover a wealth of valuable tools and information tailored exclusively for our esteemed customers. This dedicated hub is meticulously curated to enhance your experience and support your business endeavours.

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Discover, connect, and stay ahead in the digital era with Codestone’s dynamic events schedule.


Your go-to source for a curated mix of live and on-demand events, both online and in-person. Dive into how-to webinars decoding trending software packages, or join thought-leadership roundtables for industry insights.

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Business Technology

Unlock your business’s full potential with Codestone’s Strategic Technology Workshops.


Businesses of all types rely on technology more than ever, but few have a coherent strategy for growth, flexibility and security. These workshops, worth £2,500 each but delivered free of charge to existing Codestone customers, provide a technology roadmap that will help your business succeed.

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Comparing SAP BusinessObjects with Power BI

Training & Workshops

Microsoft Power BI
One Day Training

Join our one-day Microsoft Power BI training course for only £299!


Access the information you need to make informed, data-driven decisions through innovative dashboards and compelling reports.


Drive change within your business with modern, data-rich solutions. Create interactive reports, unearth powerful insights and share your discoveries throughout your organisation with fully integrated workflows.

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Discover a dedicated space designed to celebrate and amplify the successes of our valued customers. This platform is tailored to showcase the achievements, innovations, and positive experiences of businesses that have partnered with Codestone.


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Share the love and reap the rewards with our generous Customer Referral Programme. It’s never been so simple!

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Our Customer Advocacy Programme is an exclusive initiative designed to celebrate and amplify the success stories of our valued customers.

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At Codestone, your voice matters! Whether it’s a new feature idea, a process enhancement, or even a simple suggestion, we encourage you to share it with us.

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Scoring 5-star reviews on Google is a real triumph! Dive into what our thrilled customers have to say and whilst you’re there, why not add your own voice to the chorus of positivity?

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What our Customers say

Andrew Nicholson,
Chief Financial OfficerGraff Diamonds
"We see working through Codstone as the most efficient way to work with SAP Business One and look forward to our relationship continuing in the long term."
James Petitt
Finance Systems and Controls ManagerGlobal Fashion Group
"Codestone has been great to work with. The implementation was a success and they were always very responsive on technical matters. I’m really happy that we’re continuing to work with them, both with our support contract and on forthcoming projects such as Concur, the spend management solution."
James Lloyd,
Financial Directorgbpartnerships
"We were probably too ambitious in our schedule, trying to do everything at once, which caused us some headaches, but Codestone has helped us reach a comfortable pace which will deliver all the benefits we wanted in a more manageable way."
Harry Young-Jamieson
DirectorSt Eval
“Selecting the right technology partner was key for us when investing in new technology. We needed a partner with a good cultural fit and deep knowledge that could help us scale our ecommerce growth across our retail and wholesale business”
Mandy Wilkinson
Head of Finances and ResourcesSuffolk Libraries
“We needed to take control of our own data and accounting systems and empower our library staff with self-service procurement to increase efficiency and save time and costs”
Cerris-Jane Schenk
Finance ManagerOxford Economics
“Reporting is improving significantly, with monthly and quarterly reporting expected to be standard across the organisation by the end of the year. Codestone has helped us get to the point where we are now designing and deploying our own reports – a huge benefit for us.”
John Rowe
Operations ManagerKS Distribution
“SAP Business One gives us the level of detail that we’ve never had before. The integrated stock management has streamlined our warehouse base, providing much greater accuracy”
Kyle Motte
Finance ManagerWaterside Holiday Group
“Codestone really focused on training and development, enabling us all to get up and running quickly. Being local to our business was also a real advantage as we benefited from building face-to-face relationships.”

Frequently Asked

  • How do I get in touch with Codestone Support?

    You can reach out to our dedicated support team by creating a support ticket in the Customer Support Portal, sending an email to [email protected], or giving us a call at 03703344300. Don’t worry if you don’t have access to our 24x7x365 Service Desk just yet, you can find out more here.

  • What are Codestone's regular operating hours?

    Our standard hours are from 9am to 5.30pm, Monday through Friday. However, our Customer Service Desk is always awake, 24x7x365. Yes, even on Christmas Day!

  • How can I reset my password for the Codestone portal?

    Resetting your password is easy! Just shoot us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at 03703344300.

  • How can I request additional licenses or user accounts for my software?

    Need to expand your team? Reach out to your friendly Account Manager, and they’ll help you with additional licenses or user accounts.

  • What's the process for upgrading my current software version?

    Thinking about an upgrade? Your Account Manager is here to guide you through the benefits, process, and timelines. They can even kick-start the process for you!

  • Can I customise my software to meet specific business requirements?

    Absolutely! Your Account Manager can help you customise your software to fit your business like a glove. They’re here to point you in the right direction.

  • What's the process for renewing my software subscription?

    Don’t worry about remembering renewal dates. Your trusted Account Manager will reach out to you when the time is right.

  • How do I report a technical issue or bug with my software?

    Facing a hiccup? Raise a support ticket in the Customer Support Portal, send an email to [email protected], or simply give us a call at 03703344300. And if you don’t have access to our 24x7x365 Service Desk, learn more here.

  • How can I access training resources and documentation for my software?

    Head over to our Resource Centre for a treasure trove of manuals, guides, and tutorials. Keep an eye on your inbox for updates on informative webinars, too.

  • What is Codestone's policy on data security and privacy?

    Your data’s safety is our top priority. For detailed information, take a look at our Privacy Policy.

  • How can I provide feedback or suggestions about the Codestone products and services?

    We’re eager to hear from you! Share your thoughts and ideas by filling out our feedback form.

  • I'm looking to plan for the future of my business, but I'm not sure which path to take. Can you help?

    Absolutely! Explore our business technology workshops for insights on office moves, business growth, cybersecurity, and more. Visit the our workshops page to find out what’s available, or request one here.

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