K2 Partnering Solutions scales SAP Business One with Microsoft Azure

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The Client

K2 Partnering Solutions

K2 Partnering Solutions is a global leader in consultative technology and talent services. Its end-to-end human capital and integrated technology solutions are delivered through four core brands. From helping companies get the most from their existing applications, connecting talent from its leading network of 900,000 experts or providing official training and certification programs, K2 aims to help companies engage and build meaningful connections.

With offices globally covering EMEA, Asia-Pacific, North and Latin America, K2 employees represent 54 nationalities and speak 58 languages.

The Challenge

Migrating to SAP Business One v10 and integrating with a cloud platform can bring numerous benefits to any company, such as improved efficiency, scalability, and enhanced security. However, ensuring a smooth transition and ongoing success, is not easy and it is therefore critical to plan the process carefully and engage with the right experts.

K2 wanted to provide a scalable, flexible cloud infrastructure that would adapt to its changing needs. An increasing number of business entities meant that K2’s reporting requirements had become more complex and, with certain limitations in the previous version’s query handling across multiple plug-ins, the company needed to generate reports and analyse data quicker and more efficiently.

While migrating, K2 wanted to look at moving its SAP ecosystem plug-ins onto a public cloud solution, that would deliver the scalability and flexibility the company needed, both for business growth and for enhanced functional performance.

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The Solution

Codestone implemented Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform with SAP Business One as a Service on Azure, moving K2 Partnering Solutions to the latest version of SAP Business One.

Valerio Lancia, Managing Director, Enterprise Technology at K2 says, “Codestone was already managing our SAP Business One solution in terms of support, maintenance and infrastructure. As they were also experts in Microsoft Azure, it made sense for us to work with them to move over to this cloud platform at the same time as migrating SAP Business One.”

Because the Business One as a Service (BOaaS) Azure platform supports all SAP ecosystem plug-ins and databases, K2 would have much more flexibility in supporting over 40 business entities globally with differing software plug-ins for e-invoicing and its other financial activities.

Deploying Business One as a Service on the Microsoft Azure platform has given K2 a high performance and efficient financial reporting process with scalability to increase users and entities as the business grows. The continuing relationship with Codestone to develop and manage the system will keep the Azure platform optimised and future-fit.

While the migration itself was not complex, the number of plug-ins meant that testing was critical in order to ensure that the implementation went smoothly. Codestone worked closely in conjunction with the client’s internal technical support specialist to deliver this successfully.

Although we had an internal specialist resource who supported Codestone with the SAP Business One migration, we did not have the relevant in-house skillset for Microsoft Azure. We relied on Codestone to provide that end-to-end expertise.

Valerio Lancia

Managing Director, Enterprise Technology, K2 Partnering Solutions

Discover the Benefits

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    Best functional performance

    With SAP Business One now on the Microsoft Azure platform, K2 benefits from optimised functional performance of its SAP. Software upgrades are also easier and quicker because SAP is upgraded directly into Azure.

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    Increased scope of reporting

    With report queries on the previous version reaching the limits of its capability, K2 has increased functionality and scalability to create the range and number of reports it needs to run its organisation.

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    Scalability supports business growth

    SAP Business One V10 on Microsoft Azure easily accelerates capacity for growth and reduces complexity for the organisation, to accommodate increasing data and user requirements.

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    Flexible web-based access

    The web version of SAP Business One provides the company with increased useability for global employees across all its regions, covering EMEA, Asia-Pacific, North and Latin America. Wherever they are, users can access the software via application streaming or from any smart device with a modern browser.

We’ve already been using Codestone to manage our SAP application for several years. Trust in your provider is critical during any major IT undertaking, and we trusted them to provide us with a scalable cloud platform that works for us. Having a reliable technology service provider like Codestone, with all the necessary certifications and comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plans in place, has significantly eased the migration process and ensured a successful transition to SAP Business One v10 on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform

Valerio Lancia

Managing Director, Enterprise Technology, K2 Partnering Solutions

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