22 Feb 2024 2:00pm

Codestone Webinar
Your Essential Introduction to Microsoft Copilot AI

  • Date

    22 February 2024

  • Time

    2:00 pm

  • Location


Webinar:  Your Essential Introduction to Microsoft Copilot AI

This 20-minute webinar promises to transform the way you perceive and leverage artificial intelligence in your daily operations. Join us for “Your Essential Introduction to Microsoft Copilot,” where we’ll explore the revolutionary features, business impact, and tangible benefits of this innovative AI technology.


What is Microsoft Copilot AI?

Understand the core functionalities and capabilities of Microsoft Copilot, unravelling the potential it holds for simplifying your daily tasks.

How It Will Affect Your Business (whether you like it or not!)
Delve into the transformative effect of Copilot on your business processes, shedding light on the inevitability of AI integration in today’s dynamic landscape.

Business Benefits
Explore real-world examples of business benefits and return on investment (ROI). For instance, discover how a £70k person saving just 1 hour a month with Copilot can more than justify its implementation costs.

Copilot Demo (Word Doc Creation)
Witness the magic in action with a live demonstration showcasing Copilot’s skill in creating Word documents effortlessly. Experience first-hand how it streamlines and enhances your daily workflow.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain essential insights into Microsoft Copilot and discover how it can revolutionise your business processes. Register now and stay ahead in the era of intelligent assistance!

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