Microsoft and SAP ByD

MS Teams add-on for SAP Business ByDesign allows real-time data sharing and actions in SAP

SAP and Microsoft have extended their partnership to include integration of Microsoft Teams and SAP Business ByDesign, bridging the gap between your Office365 environment and SAP ERP. The MS Teams add-on for SAP Business ByDesign removes the need to switch between applications to share SAP information with colleagues, teams and customers. Real-time SAP data is available from within MS Teams, allowing you to share information, update documents together and take actions directly in SAP.

Microsoft and SAP

MS Teams for sales collaboration
With the MS Teams add-on, sales and marketing teams can view pipeline information, with access to data from SAP such as My Launchpad, opportunities, accounts, projects and dashboards. Overall sales performance figures can be shared, and SAP dashboards embedded in MS Teams, allow drill down and analysis. Marketing leads can be viewed and discussed with team members, focusing effort where it is needed. The account view provides real-time data from SAP on individual accounts, and strategies can be discussed in on-line meetings.

MS Teams add-on for managing your business
MS Team for SAP Business ByDesign allows you to consume real-time information from SAP, for instance a sales and receivables dashboard. Collaboration is possible to analyse the reasons for late payments, or view dunning history for individual accounts, allowing corrective actions to be taken directly in SAP. Further dashboards can be added at any time, such as lists of active projects.

Supporting your SAP ByDesign deployment
As an SAP Gold Partner and winner of the SAP EMEA North Best Performance Award 2020, Codestone has an enviable track record of successfully delivering rapid SAP ByDesign projects across multiple industry sectors and alongside complex international rollouts.

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