Culture 100 Winner

Codestone Group named one of the top 100 greatest companies to work for in the UK! 

Codestone Group is proud to announce it has been recognised by the Culture 100 Awards 2024 as a company demonstrating a long-term commitment to providing a positive and thriving workplace culture where employees are put first, can excel and achieve greatness.

What is the Culture 100 Award?
The Culture 100 Award is a highly esteemed accolade presented by Hyer, a leading authority on organisational culture and workplace excellence and recognises companies that demonstrate outstanding dedication to cultivating a culture of innovation, inclusivity, and employee engagement. After assessing over 5000 companies, across 22 industry sectors and carrying out 20,000+ interviews, Codestone Group has been rewarded for its aspiring culture that has a people-first mentality, prioritising the wellbeing and development of employees whilst driving sustainable growth and success.

Where employees really do THRIVE
Codestone Group was applauded for several initiatives that are supporting employees to be the best they can be. One such initiative is THRIVE, a guiding Acronym that represents Talent; Hearts; Responsibility; Innovation; Value and Excellence and serves as a mindset vehicle to propel employees forward to succeed. It facilitates a vibrant cohesive community where every individual is empowered to contribute to their best selves to reach new heights of success.

Internal award scheme recognising inspirational employees
Another inspiring initiative that was recognised was Codestone Group’s own awards scheme to help foster a thriving culture where each team member feels Inspired, Transformed, and Accomplished. By holding quarterly ITA Awards, colleagues can nominate each other, creating a culture of recognition and appreciation and shining a spotlight on individuals who inspire through innovate thinking, drive growth and their achievements can be celebrated.

End-to-end strategies for excellence
Codestone Group has also demonstrated dedicated strategies to attracting, developing and supporting exceptional employees within its business. Its Talent Acquisition Manager is leading the way with personalised recruitment strategies and ensuring a diverse and skilled workforce to drive success. Its recently launched Leadership Development Programme is also ensuring that the right tools and knowledge are provided to employees to allow employees to thrive in their roles. And finally, a dedicated benefits hub ‘Relish’ has been set up to go beyond traditional benefits, but also offering a holistic wellbeing programme and additional lifestyle perks.

Springboard for the future
This award is not just a recognition of Codestone Group’s past achievements but also a catalyst for future growth and innovation. It serves as a reminder of the importance of nurturing a culture that prioritises continuous improvement, collaboration, and excellence in everything it does.

Being selected for the 2024 Growth Edition of the Culture 100 Awards is a tremendous honour for us as it validates our ongoing efforts in creating a workplace environment where every team member feels valued, supported, and inspired to reach their full potential. From our leadership team to our frontline colleagues, each member of our organisation plays a vital role in shaping our culture and driving our collective success.

Cherin Elliot

People & Culture Director, Codestone

At Codestone Group, employees are our number one priority, and we want to ensure we have a working environment where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and succeed. This award has confirmed Codestone is a wonderful place to work, and I would like to thank everyone in the Codestone team who has made this incredible achievement possible.

Darryl Sackett

Chief Executive Officer, Codestone

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