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Business One for wholesale and distribution

Wholesale distributors work in a highly competitive marketplace where organisation is key. To keep your business working effectively, meeting targets, driving efficiencies and boosting sales multiple aspects of the stock control process need to come together.

To help with this, more businesses are turning to the use of technology, such as SAP Business One, to aid with the management of these tasks and connect every aspect of business together.

Here’s how SAP Business One can help with wholesale and distribution:

Stock control management

Your stock is your main link between your business and your customers so efficient management here is vital. Having a system, such as SAP Business One, which provides you with a comprehensive understanding about the products you have is vital to providing good customer service.

But it’s important that stock control is not held in isolation – it needs to link up with your distribution and delivery systems and also with your buying and procurement functions. SAP Business One, in working across the whole of your business, provides that essential connectivity.

Understanding what you need now and in the future

SAP Business One also allows you to plot stock movement in order to give you an understanding of what you need to order and when. Having too little of a product can result in loss of customers who may go elsewhere to find what they need. However, having too much of a product can impact upon available space within your storage facilities and result in an unsustainable profit margin.

You also need to consider the materials you require for wholesale and distribution, such as packaging materials. Understanding your predicted stock levels and identifying when seasonal trends occur allows you to more effectively plan.

A Material Requirement Planning function is not present in many ERP software systems, but is available within SAP Business One.

Giving an overview of your business as a whole

SAP Business One will be tailored to your business to provide a fully integrated 360 degree overview. Within one system all aspects of your business can be managed effectively from accounts and sales to customer relationship management. This, in turn, helps your business to become more responsive and gain better insight into your operations, allowing you to identify opportunities for growth or improvement.

The user-friendly interface provided by SAP Business One allows you to see in flow diagrams and charts how your business is doing, with easy to create reports which can be used for business planning.


Here’s what SAP Business One can do for you:

  • Cuts costs and boost revenues thanks to increased understanding and visibility of your inventory, order statuses and customer demands
  • Improves your profit margins thanks to the Material Requirement Planning function
  • Helps to provide excellent customer service with faster order processing abilities.
  • Frees up staff from having to re-key information into spreadsheets
  • Links all aspects of your business together.

SAP Business One is a highly effective ERP solution for the wholesale and distribution industries. We know that no two distributers are the same so the product you will have installed into your business will be unique to your own requirements. We also know that you don’t run a 9am – 5pm business so at Codestone we provide you with 24/7 support available whenever you need it.

If you think that SAP Business One could support your wholesale and distribution functions, then get in touch with us today to find out more by calling 0370 334 4000.

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