Embrace the Power of GenAI
Leah Legal Copilot

Secure, legally trained GenAI

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    Beyond generative AI, Leah is trained specifically for legal professionals within your organisation

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    Leah’s legal framework delivers in-depth legal analysis, not just conversation

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    Leah leverages multiple advanced pre-trained large language models to ensure depth, velocity and scale

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    Leah’s models are pre-configured with frameworks and capabilities

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    Easy-to-use interface designed specifically for legal workflows, terminology, and deliverables

At a Glance

Why Leah Legal with Codestone?

Codestone envisions the legal industry’s future as AI-infused, optimising operations and enhancing client service. AI streamlines mundane tasks like contract review, freeing up legal professionals for high-value work. Our Future Ready Digital Transformation framework positions firms to harness AI’s power effectively.  

By embracing AI and Leah Legal Copilot, legal teams can unlock unprecedented efficiency and accuracy, reducing costs and mitigating risks.  Empowering organisations to navigate this transformative journey seamlessly, crafting a future where AI augments legal practice, fostering innovation, and delivering exceptional client experiences.

It’s not just about embracing AI; it’s about being Future Ready. 



  • Leah's Always There for You

    Get help with everyday tasks and projects, saving your valuable time. Leah is ready whenever you need her.

  • Your AI Partner for Success

    Imagine having your own personalised GenAI assistant. Leah’s designed for your legal work, helping you be your best every day.

  • Trustworthy AI: Built for Responsibility

    Leah incorporates ethical guardrails and rigorous testing, so you can work with confidence. Her actions align with your organisation’s standards, fostering trust in AI solutions.

  • Library of Modules

    Choose from a growing library of specialised legal modules. Each is expertly designed with cutting-edge GenAI and rigorously tested for maximum accuracy.

  • Embedded Frameworks

    Leah’s modules are powered by tailored frameworks for specific legal tasks. This ensures efficiency and reliable results for your unique workflow.

  • Custom Models

    Go beyond standard solutions! Leah integrates custom models to address your team’s specific needs and challenges.


    We help you achieve the benefits that
    Leah Legal Copilot can deliver

    Transform legal work with Leah, the AI built by lawyers to help legal professionals. Leah automates routine legal tasks with Generative AI and Large Language Models, freeing you to focus on high-impact work. 

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      Onboard Models

      With Leah, you have an intuitive, guided model builder to effortlessly onboard custom models to solve your organisation’s unique use cases.

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      Pre-Configured Framework

      Legal teams can edit existing models or custom models to address unique legal nuances or industry-specific regulations that the standard framework might not cover by default.

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      Build Model

      Multiple legal entities can be set up in a single database. You have full control and visibility across your organisation.

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      AI Ethics

      Employ trustworthy ethical AI to responsibly enhance business outcomes, ensuring AI’s power is harnessed for good.

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      Leverage Precedents

      Utilise existing legal precedents and standardisation to streamline processes, avoiding unnecessary reinvention.

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      Measure and Improve

      Continuously assess and elevate performance, driving innovation by benchmarking against industry standards and peer achievements.

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      Keeping Data Secure

      Leah employs cutting-edge encryption and comprehensive firewall protection, safeguarding your data against unauthorised access and cyber threats.

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      Protecting Customer Data

      Leah prioritises the security of your information, implementing stringent measures to ensure that your data remains confidential and protected at all times.

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