Microsoft Copilot
Are you ready for Microsoft Copilot?

With Microsoft Copilot, you can convert language into dynamic solutions, optimise workflows, and enhance overall organisational efficiency. But what considerations should you take when adopting AI?

Unlocking the Future with Microsoft Copilot: Navigating Considerations for Smart Business Adoption

Microsoft Copilot enhances business productivity by integrating advanced AI, large language models, and Microsoft Graph data. It transforms language into powerful tools, optimising work processes and fostering efficiency across the organisation.


Embrace a new era of productivity and innovation with Microsoft Copilot, your gateway to advanced generative AI. As you embark on this transformative journey, it’s crucial to navigate the considerations that come with integrating Copilot into your business processes.


We’ll help your business explore the nuanced landscape of risks and benefits, shedding light on key aspects to ensure a seamless and strategic adoption.

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As a valued Codestone customer, we are excited to present you with an exclusive opportunity to accelerate your journey towards AI readiness with the Microsoft Copilot Readiness Pack (valid until 31st March 2024).

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  • Product: Microsoft Copilot Readiness Pack
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Are You
Copilot Ready?

  • Swift GenAI Integration

    Seamlessly implement cutting-edge generative AI into critical business applications for enhanced productivity and efficiency, all at a budget-friendly cost.

  • Enterprise Brilliance

    For enterprises managing millions of documents daily, Copilot excels in summarising content, extracting information, and streamlining tasks like calendar organisation.

  • Time-Saving Solutions

    Bid farewell to time-consuming tasks! Copilot automates information retrieval, progress summaries, and more, freeing up valuable time for strategic thinking.

  • Data Security First

    With features like "sound like me," businesses must be vigilant against imitation phishing. Microsoft Copilot enhances productivity, but it's crucial to uphold data security policies.

  • Sensitive Information Handling

    As workflows are streamlined, organisations must consider how generative AI tools may summarise sensitive documents and craft strategies to secure content, aligning with data loss prevention policies.

  • Maintaining Credibility

    Generative AI can be creative, but what happens if it strays from your company's values, tone, or branding? Companies should plan for success by ensuring implementation teams are ready to address any content credibility concerns.

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