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At a Glance

How can Manufacturing
benefit from ERP?

The priorities for Manufacturing have changed. Businesses need new and innovative solutions to solve bottlenecks and challenges, including Integrated Demand Planning, Material Flow Analysis, Multilevel material planning, Production and Quality Control, Profitability, and Efficiency.

Codestone solutions give you complete visibility of your operations, one version of the truth, helping you make profitable data driven business decisions.

Connect your business from order to shipment with Cloud ERP for a streamlined operation that is high on service and low on waste.

Whether you are producing by batch, or round the clock, cloud-based ERP gives you the power to deliver on customer demands with increased efficiency.

Key Benefits

for ERP

  • Improving Operational Visibility

    Have access to data, KPIs and reporting to make informed business decisions to support your customers and to grow your company based on information and not speculation.

  • Improving Operational Efficiency

    Aggressively improve operational efficiency through process improvement initiatives. Reduce material cost as well as inventory and working capital.‍

  • Accelerate growth

    Expand up the value chain. Add new sales channels and grow. Enter new geographies and markets which in the past may have seemed unreachable for your business.‍

  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

    Retain your customer base in the face of low-cost competition. Present one face to the customer across the business, regardless of channel or region.‍

  • Control your inventory

    Manufacturing is empowered by tight batch control, traceability, full quality assurance, and universal task management.‍

  • Promote transparency

    Get a detailed audit trail of your inventory, with barcode scanning, self-service, and other tracking systems. ‍

  • Support decision making

    Real-time data visualisations and KPIs drive performance and planning.‍

  • Become agile

    Data updated in real-time means you are prepared to act in the event of market disruptions.‍‍

  • A single platform for manufacturing

    Demand planning. Customer orders. Forecast. Production. Warehouse and delivery management. External and Internal supply planning.‍

  • Accelerate time to market

    Ensure product design meets customer specifications.‍

  • Satisfy more customers

    MRP systems allow you to respond faster to shifting customer demands and improve the management of fluctuations in purchasing, production, and shipping. Accelerate responses to inquiries and requests with accurate product costing and pricing.‍

  • Guarantee consistent quality

    Minimise the risk and scope of a recall by ensuring the consistent quality of your products while maintaining the flexibility to act on any opportunity. Always meet or exceed the exacting standards of your customers and adapt to compliance requirements.‍

  • Keep costs under control

    Custom manufacturing accounting software enables you to gain control over work order details and deeper insights into your production costs so you can see where to cut spend and save money faster.‍‍

  • Confronting manufacturing inefficiencies

    Today, common manufacturing challenges are a result of growing complexities throughout the supply chain. Discover our fast and flexible solutions, designed to meet the unique needs of your industry.‍

  • Operations

    Command every aspect of your operations and unlock new commercial opportunities.‍

  • Wholesale distribution

    Conquer your distribution challenges to expand your business and control costs.


Our Approach

Consultants with Decades of Manufacturing Experience
to help you with future-ready ERP solution

With Codestone’s consultants we can help you find the right ERP solution for Manufacturing so that you are able to manage:


  • Order based production with practical alternative Sequences, Feeder lines, Secondary Resources etc.
  • Task management for work distribution including detailed Work instruction with drawings, pictures, inspection instruction
  • Controlled Material flow for Material Provision to Production and Delivery from
  • Process steps can be automated flexibly
  • Identified Stock (Batch, Coil, …) with seamless traceability
  • Finance integration and permanent WIP valuation


Make to Stock (MTS)

  • Production to stock
  • Delivery from stock
  • Standard products
  • Predefined variations


Internal Supply Chain

  • One Layout for Warehouse & Production
  • Scalable Location Layout
  • Process Flexibility
  • Unload & Put-away
  • Production Replenishment & Removal
  • Pick & Load
  • Internal Movements
  • Physical Inventory


Integrated Quality Assurance

  • Plan, process, monitor and analyse inspections


Quality planning including

  • Inspection Instructions
  • Sampling Procedures
  • Quality Codes
  • Notes
  • Attachments


Quality Control & Quality Analytics

Project Services

Certified and experienced consultants to deliver
the right solution

Codestone’s certified and experienced consultants offer full end-to-end consulting and implementation support and services to help your business succeed.

By applying deep solution-specific coupled with industry-specific expertise, Codestone helps organizations implement and customise their ERP for their unique requirements, providing a platform on which they can dramatically improve operations and grow.

Codestone’s Customer Success consultants and project managers have experience implementing SAP Business One and Business ByDesign, so you are up and running fast and on budget.

See our Project Services

Support Services

Supporting you
all the way

Codestone has a great deal of experience across multiple industry sectors, delivering rapid projects alongside complex international rollouts. Our successful implementation methodology and systematic approach ensures end-to-end project success. After go-live we offer 24x7x365 SAP, Microsoft, CCH Tagetik, and IT infrastructure support, plus the industry’s broadest Cloud IT and Managed Services portfolios, to ensure you are always up and running and importantly, future-proofed.

See our Managed Support Services
Customer Success Stories

Hands-on experience across multiple industries

Whether you are a manufacturer or responsible for the wholesale and distribution of chemicals.

Whether you are a manufacturer or responsible for the wholesale and distribution of chemicals, you operate in a complex and highly dynamic sector. More companies in the Chemical Sector use SAP than any other ERP solution. At Codestone, we have been helping customers in this sector for almost two decades and have built up a valuable understanding of your needs.

ERP Solutions for the Chemical Industries
Consillient Health
How Consilient Health fuels growth with SAP Business One ERP

SAP Food & Beverage Solutions

We provide SAP Food and Beverage Solutions. Whether you are a Food and Beverage manufacturer, a wholesale and distributor, or a retailer, you face a set of challenges that are unique to your sector.

Not only do you have tough regulatory requirements, but you also operate in an industry where time is often of the essence. You have a thin line between profit and loss if you fail to tightly control import costs, manufacturing and staff efficiency, pricing and wastage.

In our experience, our SAP Food and Beverage Solution, built on SAP Business One is invaluable; it delivers visibility and control where you need it and drives process, stock, compliance and sales efficiency.

ERP Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry
Oakhouse Foods
Oakhouse Foods
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Whether you are a manufacturer or responsible for the wholesale and distribution of chemicals.

Whether you are a manufacturer or responsible for the wholesale and distribution of chemicals, you operate in a complex and highly dynamic sector. More companies in the Chemical Sector use SAP than any other ERP solution. At Codestone, we have been helping customers in this sector for almost two decades and have built up a valuable understanding of your needs.

ERP Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry
SAP Business One delivers high performance to Electro Mechanical Systems

    Flexible ERP solutions for client-focused services

    An insightful and agile business management system can help you achieve exceptional results by driving every aspect of your end-to-end process towards increased performance, efficiency and profit.

    At Codestone, we specialise in delivering Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to all kinds of professional service providers, from accountants to engineers.

    ERP Solutions for the Professional Services
    Close up of a stocks display board
    Wealth Manager Set for Growth with SAP Business One Solution

    Make the step from a basic financial accounting package to Enterprise Resource Planning

    We know there are two things that cause an organisation to change its financial software – growth in turnover, transactions and people means that you can no longer operate finance as a silo; it needs to be integrated into the end-to-end operation. The second driver is usually complexity; multiple business units, operating countries, currencies and tax requirements have taken you beyond the capabilities of your existing solution – and that’s where we can help you to implement a new SAP Business One Accounting system.

    ERP Solutions for the SAP Accounting Industry
    A view of central London buildings
    Oxford Economics
    Read the Story

    Whether wholesale and distribution is a component part or is your core business, a key focus is optimising the supply chain, driving efficiencies and maximising profitability.

    With SAP Business One we enable you to streamline every aspect of your wholesale and distribution process. We help you maximise customer opportunities, streamline the supply chain to drive lean inventory levels, and optimise processes through stock and warehouse management through to distribution.

    ERP Solutions for the Wholesale and Distribution Industry

    Allows your managers to improvement efficiency, manage stock levels and support the growth of your business with enterprise level reporting at the click of a button.

    As part of a larger product offering, it allows you to run your business efficiently, providing highly effective stock control capabilities, warehouse and inventory management solutions alongside other key business measurements. SAP Business One provides automated support which can optimise resources and assets, enabling you to understand your stock levels on a minute-by-minute basis through an Enterprise Resource Planning (EPR) solution.

    ERP Solutions for Warehouse Management and Stock Control
    Carpet Factory
    Rama Carpets
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    ERP Technology Solutions

    SAP Business One

    Designed for Small and Medium Businesses

    SAP Business ByDesign

    Fully Scalable Cloud Solution for Midsize Businesses

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